Christmas Gift Guide for Tots to Tweens


Christmas Gift Guide for Tots to Tweens

Tots to Tweens Christmas Gift Guide

Where can you find a present ideas for Tots through to Tweens?

Only on the MumsClub annual Gift Guides!

We find that both traditional and blended families have children of all ages and most mums don’t have time to trawl through the top 10 toy lists for every age group, so we have created a collective for children aged 0-10 – ish.


So Slime DIY Case – WIN!

£14.99 Amazon

Unless you have been in hiding this year, you can’t have failed to be swept up with the slime craze and if you are crazy enough to want it in your house, you want it contained in a box! You can make your own Slime in minutes with SoSlime DIY. Getting started couldn’t be easier; add glitter, decorations and colourful slime powder to the shaker and create neon slime that’s entirely your own design. This is undoubtedly going to be high on many Christmas lists this year and at £14.99 it is not going to break the bank and will be a firm favourite with the kids!


So Glow DIY Magic Jar Tool Case – WIN!

£16.99 Amazon

If you are looking for something creative but a little less “messy” than the slim then the So Glow DIY MagicJar Tool Case has everything you need to create the ultimate glow jar. Inside the kit there’s enough glitter, confetti, MagicSo Glow powder, cute collectibles and stickers to let you design three mini MagicJars which light up when you shake them. We found that this is a great sensory experience and the instant result after creation will go down well with the younger ones. The actual glow only lasts for approx 10 seconds each shake but it is a great activity for children aged 6+.


Piu Piu the Octopus

£14.99 Hippychick

Piu Piu the Octopus – a great gift for babies with its soft, velvety tentacles designed to resemble the umbilical cord making baby feel safe and at home, outside of the womb. Octopuses have recently become a huge hit in hospitals in the special care baby units thanks to ladies knitting Octopuses for the Bliss charity. Many of us don’t have the time (or inclination) to knit an Octopus so this makes for the perfect gift for a premature, or indeed new baby.  Hippychick are a well known brand, so you can be assured of the quality and the added benefit is that they come in a range of subtle and gorgeous colours too. We want to keep one for ourselves, although a word of warning ….. don’t let your dog anywhere near it as he “may” think it is a pet toy and you will end up coaxing it out of his mouth. (not that this has happened of course).


Shimmeez – WIN!

£14.99 Smyths

We know that the Shimmeez toys are high on the Christmas lists this year and they are set to be one of the must have Christmas gifts in 2018. They are soft, cuddly and super sparkly, what is not to love? You move the sequins and can draw different designs on them to create your very own personalised Shimmeez but when you want a change, just move the sequins again.

The Shimmeez range have different characters from an Owl to a Unicorn so there is a design for everyone. They are the perfect size for a huge and with the sequins creating tiny rainbows in the light, they bring sparkle wherever they go.


Chow Crown

£14.99 Amazon

The ChowCrown electronic kids game is great family fun with a tasty twist. It’s a great choice for family game night and get-togethers. Place the spinning crown on your head, and eat as many snacks as possible before the music stops to keep your crown! The ChowCrown game can be played solo or in a head-to-head tournament. Game includes electronic crown, 6 plastic forks, and instructions. It takes a while to figure out the best way to keep the crown on your head, although this adds to the hilarity. There is a little more prep than other games but once you get going the kids love it. We suspect that it could be even more hilarious with a group of adults and a few bottles of wine too.


Gross Magic

£19.99 Available at Amazon

These revolting tricks guarantee horrified hilarity from your audience! Great for the budding magician, this is a selection of really gross magic tricks. Use them on family and friends to create a shriek! The age rating on this is 8+ and we think this is a good guide as some of the instructions can be a bit tricky to follow but if you want something a bit different this Christmas, this is not your average magic tricks and bound to delight.


Kurio Smart Watch 2.0

£79.99 Kurio

The Kurio watch 2.0+ is already award winning and it is now on our list for one of the best buys for Christmas gifts this year. The Kurio brand is synonyms with online child safety and that is a big plus for parents.

The bits you need to know are that you can personalise your watch with 2x interchangeable coloured watch straps to match your style. The straps even have colour changing thermal technology! The watch pops into an all-in-one strap and offers a splash proof and scratch resistant screen. Pre-loaded with 20 apps, a multi-function screen, 2 player games, camera/video, photo filters, messaging, media player, activity tracker, phrase translator and can also operate as a hands-free kit for a smartphone when connected via Bluetooth. Boasts 256 mb of internal memory and expandable storage up to 32 GB. Includes one regular strap and one colour changing thermal strap. Suitable for ages 6+. Available at Smyths Toys now.


Mojimoto – WIN!

£9.99 MenKind

If you have a certain apple product, you will know all about the Animojis and now you can get your very own talk-back characters that repeat what you say in their own funny voice and lip-sync to music. Mouth and eyes move when they are ‘talking’ or ‘singing’. There are 8 styles to choose from: Kitty, puppy, monkey, cheeseburger, taco, rainbow poo, rainbow unicorn, rainbow ice cream – one for every mood! They are a great stocking filler and the bonus with the Mojomotos is that batteries included. Suitable for 4+.


Top Trumps

£5.99 Amazon

TOP TRUMPS! The MC team were so excited to get our hands on these as they were a real blast from our own childhood. The premise of Top Trumps is a simple one, the one with the best or highest value wins, and that player collects all the top cards, including their own!  We love that the new ranges have highly attractive topics such as the Avengers and David Walliams making them hugely appealing to a whole new generation. The added bonus is the little case they come in, making it easy to pop in your bag and take anywhere to keep the kids amused on the train or in a restaurant. The possibilities and fun are endless.


Twirly Woos – WIN!

£11.00 Argos

If you haven’t been introduced to the Twirlywoos then you need to jump on board and join Great BigHoo, Toodloo, Chickedy and Chick on their adventures! These cute talking soft toys really bring the characters to life. Super-soft and cuddly with adorable sparkly tufts. Press their tummy to hear their funny Twirlywoos phrases. They are sturdy, great quality and totally loveable.

Suitable for 10 months+


Tangle Angel Cherub – WIN!

£9.99 Tangle Angel

If you have ever fought with a child and knotted hair then you will adore the Tangle Cherub as it is not only perfect for detangling both wet and dry hair, but is also great for handbags, sports bags, travel and on-the-go detangling. Available in 4 colours and heat resistent to 120 degrees. This is the ideal child size (or handbag sized) brush and is perfect for your little angels.



£12.99 Smyths

Who even knew that Floof was a thing? Well the MumsClub team didn’t, until we asked our children about it and then we had various eye rolling moments crossed with sheer excitement at the thought of getting their hands on it.

If like us, you haven’t heard of Floof before it is a light and fluffy moldable material that sticks to itself, making it extremely easy to make exciting creations in seconds. And when playtime is over, Floof can be reusd and reshaped as often as you like. With its fluffy, white, lighter than light texture, Floof is ideal for creating the ultimate indoor snowball fight, mini snowboard park or just letting your imaginations run wild. The Floof snowman kit includes everything you need to build your own two snowman characters. The kit includes 120g of Floof, snowman molds and play mat. For ages 3+ years.




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  1. Solange

    I’m hoping for a new iPad and laptop.

  2. Katie Watkins

    So many ideas for Christmas presents! Thanks Mums club, much needed inspiration!

  3. Helen Stratton

    I am hoping for a new duvet, some black boots and some fancy knickers 🙂

  4. lesley renshaw

    I’d really love a Lumie light x

  5. Tee Simpson

    I am hoping for a pair of trainers, a DAB radio, a new tv and some pots and pans.

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