Salter Megastone review

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Salter Megastone review

We love arranging for our MumsClub members to get some wonderful products to review for us, but when those products can help a make a mum’s life easier we’re particularly happy!

Salter have a best selling product line and we managed to get hold of a Megastone Wok and a Griddle pan. Here’s how our reviewers got on.

Salter Megastone 28cm Wok

It’s funny how you don’t realise how much you need something in your life until you try it. Until very recently we had a type of wok and it’s fair to say it’s been used a great deal – a typical wok shaped pan that ideally required a cradle attachment on the hob to keep the heat well proportioned.

But since the Salter Megastone Wok made its appearance in my life the old wok has now gone off to pastures new, via the recycling plant.

Salter can always be trusted with homewares and we already have several Salter items in the cupboards from years ago that are still going strong and considering how much we use a wok I can’t believe I’ve never thought to look at what Salter had to offer.

First off it’s a neat, robust pan that’s not too heavy and certainly not tinny. It’s a useful 28cm in diameter so it can easily take care of a meal for four yet doesn’t take up too much room in a cupboard. But I must add I made a massive batch of spaghetti bolognese in the wok for at least 8 people and there was room for more.

Although the attachment we already have for our old wok could work well, the shape of the Salter Megastone meant it wasn’t essential by any means. It was quite steady and happy to sit above the hob with the gas on high, and the heat was perfectly spread out and cooked the ingredients evenly and in good time.

It comes with a useful glass lid and all handles are sturdy and non heat conducting so I didn’t burn any fingers at all.


After 2 weeks of using this, I firmly believe it is a dream to cook with, and as for washing up (the bain of my life) there was nothing sticking to the bottom and even the greasiest, most stubborn pieces of a frying session that would normally need soaking – came straight off with no scrubbing required.

I am truly delighted with the wok and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

Making my own personal signature dish has been made so much easier with the Megastone, so should you want to try it. Here’s my super delicious and easy takeaway style Chinese Chicken recipe.



Salter Megastone 28cm Griddle

Sizzling Sausages frying in a pan. One goes pop, but the other does not go bang!

With a team of four children, the ultimate griddle for those perfect unexploded sausages is a key kitchen essential in my view. So I was delighted to give the Megastone Non-Stick Griddle Pan a try and put it to the test in preparing a quick and yummy tea.

The instructions to prep the pan for first use were easy to follow. A thin coating of oil followed by a quick wash and you are ready to go. The pan is a great size, not so big that the heat does not transfer to the edges but also big enough to comfortably fit in the 6 salmon steaks I chose to cook in it for its trial run. It also has a comfortable handle and is a satisfying weight to use.

With very little preparation and only the tiniest drop of Olive Oil for taste, the fish steaks cooked beautifully and evenly. I have found as a mum that presentation is critical to getting a thumbs up at the dinner table, so whilst the fish was well cooked throughout without the need for turning, I did flip them once over to put the pretty griddle lines on both sides, and the pan did not disappoint, searing beautiful crisp griddle lines into each piece.

When I removed the fish from the pan, some of the juices were left behind as they settled into the grooves during cooking. Because I was cooking fish, I used these juices with some lemon juice and seasoning to make a quick dressing but with sausages or other fattier meats, I would have left the juices behind, feeling great about the healthier method of cooking than a regular frying pan and the reduction of my children’s intake of unnecessary fats.

All children ate salmon with noodles (albeit I admit the watercress I topped the dish with was not the most popular choice!) and the pan was a huge hit. I am also looking forward to using it in the summer on the BBQ to cook and sear some steaks and burgers, but I know in this house, the griddle will get lots of use all year round.

A great product, satisfying to use and with super results.

Sally Hall is pruod mum to 4 little beings and owner of Dorothy &


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