Christmas Gift Guide for Teenagers


Christmas Gift Guide for Teenagers

Christmas Gift Guide

for Teenagers


It is said that men may be the worst to buy for but what about teenagers?

If you don’t know your text talk or your Snapchat streaks, then how are you supposed to know what is cool to buy for Christmas? Well the MumsClub team have been working undercover to help you prepare!



£29.49 Argos

The NERF LASER OPS PRO ALPHAPOINT 2-PACK blaster gives players everything needed to face off in an epic head-to-head laser battle. Firing a single-shot IR burst, players can select to face off in teams or in a free-for-all as they send an unlimited supply of shots at opponents using the quick-reload button to replenish the supply at any time. Light and sound effect will notify players when they have been hit, while lights on the back of the blaster display current health status and ammo capacity so you never miss a beat. Players can amp up their laser battles with the NERF LASER OPS app by using the included armbands to attach a smartphone device (not included) to their arms. Use the app to access real-time battle intel allowing players to customize the blasters, track their performance, earn power-ups, and locate opponents during battle. App works with select iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices.

For the avoidance of doubt, we would always make sure that you know your surroundings during use and it is not for use in complete darkness. We have tested different Nerf products over the years but the bonus with the Nerf laser is that you don’t have to replace lost darts.

Although it is suitable for 8+ we have added this into our teen gift guide because it does have an “older” feel to it and we know some “big kids” who would love to battle with this.


The Novelty – Non-Novelty Christmas Pyjamas

from £15.99 New Look

Novelty Christmas nightwear can often be a little too babyish for those image conscious teens but not wanting to let go of the novelty jammies, we’ve found this awesome multi colour Elf print pyjama set, which is definitely hovering well below the uncool level in fact we think it’s firmly in the  cult Christmas movie category! For the on trend girls, the Black slogan Friends pyjama set is perfect, a themed t-shirt with cute shorts and are totally the go-to pyjamas for girls this year.


Speech Breaker

£13.99 Amazon

The thing we love the most about this is how easy and simple it is to set up and play. It is a brilliant party game for teens and adults: Get up to 10 friends together to play this hilarious game that’s an ideal ice-breaker game for parties, family reunions and game night. The game box includes 100 cards with 400 scenes: Your speech gets messed up as you try to describe the scene to teammates without saying any words on the cards. The microphone jams your speech with a built-in delay. As you talk, you’ll hear your delayed voice through the game headset, making it harder to speak clearly. It gets a big thumbs up from the MC team and we are looking forward to playing it on Christmas Day evening.

Age 14+


iPad Air Case – WIN!


If you have an iPad, you will know the need to protect it (and we know from past experience that you definitely need a good case) The Dux from STM provides best-in-class protection for your iPad Air. Tested to exceed 26 drops from 4 feet (Wow!!) Patented magnetic closure saves battery life and folds perfectly into both viewing and typing modes. Tough, reinforced corners protects from inadvertent drops. It feels professional but practical and is great for business or studying.


One World Futbol™ – WIN!

£35 – Amazon

This is a brilliant way to satisfy three, yes three Christmas needs in one, firstly a game of footie in the garden or at the park  is a great way to burn off those Christmas calories and get some much needed fresh air and family time, second, you can include the dog in the fun as even a fun loving Rottweiler has been unable to burst this ultra-durable football! But not only that, by buying a Futbol you’re contributing to an excellent cause; the One World Play Project® which has to date delivered play to an estimated 60 million youth in 185 countries. 5% of every purchase is donated to support play projects for organisations working with children in disadvantaged communities worldwide, where play is scarce or non-existent.

It feels good to give so if you’re after a ball that will (literally) never die, consider the Futbol this Christmas.


Woolly Hats

£22.00 -44.00 Buffwear

Any teens Instagram feed is all about the right image to filter and the top quality winter hats from brand Buff give the perfect winter look. They are available in a wide variety of colours and styles, the Buff range has something for everyone and will protect your loved ones from the elements this winter in both comfort and style. Just be prepared for all the Christmas selfies!

Tile – WIN!

From £20, Amazon, John Lewis, Dixons, Curry’s and PC World.

How many times does you teen lose their phone, keys or wallet? The newly launched Tile Mate and Tile Pro bluetooth trackers have a long range, loud volume and replaceable batteries to help you keep track of the things that matter most. The Tile has smart home integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri Shortcuts and Comcast Xfinity X1.
The Tile will become their (and your) new favourite thing as no more missing items and less stressful mornings for everyone.  

Yolo Organiser and Bedside Book Bundle

From £15.00 YOLO – You Only Live Once

Your Own Life Organised have created a range of stationery and gifts that will unite the needs of everyday living with designs you won’t want to leave the house without. With their on-trend creations meeting on-point requirements, organisation and looking good doing it.

If the stationery addicts in our team are anything to go by, then gorgeous stationery like this is a BIG attraction for teens. A good notebook for your school work is as essential as a good outfit if you are a teenager. There is also currently an offer running so take advantage of £5 off the Organiser and Bedside Book Bundle code XMAS5

Noughty Hair Care

From £6.99 Noughty Hair Care

Noughty’s 97% natural, moisture-boosting range comes charging to the rescue of dry and frizzy hair with an Almond and Moroccan Argan scent that is dreamier than any knight in shining armour. We mentioned the Instagram and Snapchat loving generation of teens and making sure that they have picture perfect hair is high on the list, so this is an ideal gift for an image conscious teen.

Many are eco conscious too, so you will get added brownie points as the To The Rescue haircare range is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, contains no parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals or silicones and is perfect for all the family. (win/win)

Yubikey – WIN!

£39.00 Yubico

The tech savvy generation will love the YubiKey, as it is a small USB-style stick that enables users to employ a process known as Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA). It enables users to login using both their password and the physical YubiKey to securely access to sites such as Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox, YouTube and other popular services. The combination of using passwords and the YubiKey prevents hackers from accessing your account. Even if credentials were to become compromised, the hacker would still need the user’s physical YubiKey to gain access to their accounts. The YubiKey as a gift may not be the most glamorous gift but for a tech savvy generation that live their lives online, it is a great one.



A bundle of gifts selected from all of our 2018 gift guides will be won by one lucky entrant.

Gifts for Him or Her | Gifts for Tots to Tweens | Gifts for Pets

Enter below and good luck to you.


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  1. ElizM

    I love the little things that my children make and buy for me – pretty notepads, usually something completely unexpectedly weird from my son, my favourite Thorntons chocolates etc

  2. iain maciver

    a new phone maybe


  4. T Brailey

    The Woolly Hats look really warm. I would love one of those.

  5. Sean eccles

    Some new socks

  6. Kevin Honey

    A Blu-ray player

  7. Rebecca Nisbet

    not exciting at all but I love a new pair of slippers at xmas, and new battery for my e-cigarette, whoop! lol

  8. Nicola Jane Fry

    fantastic teenager gifts

  9. Sue McCarthy

    I don’t need anything but my cats would be pleased with some cat food!

  10. Tina H

    I’d love to get pregnant. Been TTC for so long. That would be the best Christmas gift

  11. Ursula Hunt

    I am hoping for an ipad

  12. Emma Fox

    I am hoping for a new watch for Christmas – fingers crossed!

  13. clair downham

    some new pjs would be nice thankyou

  14. Joanne Darnell

    Be happy with a Diary

  15. Sue P Bowden

    I’d love a new watch.

  16. Jacqui Donald

    I am looking forward to getting the handmade gift my granddaughter gives me every year.

  17. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir

    I’m hping for a Blu-Ray player

  18. Abigail Cullen

    An iPad or laptop would be nice.

  19. charlotte gill

    A new pair of fluffy pyjamas and socks! :3

  20. Pauline Burroughs

    I’m hoping for a Steiff Armistice Teddy bear

  21. karen von kriegsheim

    Some amazing prizes here – fingers crossed x

  22. Angie McDonald

    I’m hoping for a ticketmaster gift card

  23. Sheri Darby

    Books and chocolate

  24. astrid c

    a pressure washer x

  25. Rebecca Whatmore

    Some vouchers for Center Parcs

  26. greig spencer

    neW laptop please santA

  27. Michaela B

    My kids aren’t old enough to go out and get me anything but I’ll be taking them out to choose me some new pjs for Christmas

  28. Laura Whittle

    A new ipod

  29. Stuart Robinson

    Rum! 🙂

  30. Maggie Ali

    I’d love a new laptop.

  31. some shopping vouchers:)

  32. Sheri Darby

    I love books and chocolates

  33. adrian PRICE

    a new job would be nice

  34. lesley renshaw

    I’d love a Lumie Light x

  35. Jayne Townson

    I’m hoping for some nice warm slippers, thanks for the chance to win.

  36. Natalie White

    I really want a nice set of bedding! And I’d love some more perfume 🙂


    Some lovely bath goodies, I’m easily pleased


    A decent mobile phone would be amazing

  39. Troy Easton

    new phone

  40. Jodie Green

    Some chocolate baileys

  41. Kim Lam

    I would love to get a new laptop for Christmas

  42. Juliet Wilson

    I am desperate for a grinch bobble hat

  43. Gemma Middleton

    I really want some new PJs. Thank you for the chance.

  44. Ruth Lee

    some perfume

  45. Allan Fullarton

    A new bike.

  46. Ksenia Zywczuk

    Hopefully santa is busy building a Sonos speaker for me

  47. Fiona Johnstone

    I would love a new cosy dressing gown.

  48. Amy Lambert

    I would love some new perfume

  49. Cerys John

    I’d love a new coat!

  50. Natalee Gosiewski

    a new kindle

  51. Natalie Gough

    Perfume from my husband is my favourite gift.

  52. Anna Sherratt

    Just some chocolates and bath bombs for meee.

  53. Adrian Bold

    I’m hoping for a tablet to replace the one I broke last month.

  54. Leanne Nash

    I’m hoping for some nice smellies for the bath so I can grab some relaxing time!

  55. Lauren Main

    The gift of love

  56. Nuala R

    Sadly some new nice PJ’s

  57. Aimee Charbonnier

    There’s nothing I want really. I just want my children to have a good Christmas.

  58. Sophie Williams

    New pjs and slippers!

  59. Sharon Hirst

    I would love a new handbag, have hinted plenty.

  60. rebecca smith

    I would love a new hairdryer

  61. Danielle Pooley

    I would love a locket with a photo of my two little boys inside

  62. Danielle Pooley

    I would love a locket with a photo of my two little boys

  63. Sarah Brown

    An ipad

  64. Emilia Nastaly-Howard

    Bedding please

  65. Adrienne McGroder

    I’d love new earrings

  66. carol boffey

    love a grinch bobble hat

  67. Lauren Old

    I’m hoping for some exercise/yoga products

  68. Herbert Appleby

    A nice little hi-def mp3 player

  69. Victoria Bazley

    Gary Barlow’s new book

  70. olivia Kirby

    Some cosy pyjamas are top of my list this year

  71. laura stewart

    new pj’s would be lovely x

  72. Rachel Low

    I am hoping for a BBQ Christmas lunch…

  73. Tricia cowell

    I would love some perfume for Christmas

  74. alice lightning

    i,m not really fussy just love pressiesto open at christmas

  75. Sarah-Dawn Pope

    I’d like a reusable coffee cup

  76. Natalie Crossan

    I’m hoping for a chrome cast 🙂

  77. Teresa sheldon

    If I get either new pjs or smelliest I’ll be a very happy girl xx

  78. becci cleary

    I want some new PJ’S

  79. Sandra Fortune

    I’d like some face cream and perfume

  80. Some face care creams and perfume

  81. I would love to have enough money to buy all of my son’s gifts and maybe a Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

  82. Gillian McClelland

    I would love some charms for my nomination bracelet

  83. Natalie Gillham

    I’m hoping to get a kindle x

  84. Vanessa EARLE

    Hoping for a few chocolate gifts, a book and some shoes.

  85. Hayley Colburn

    I would love some GHD hair straighteners, I thought mine were fine until I used my Sister in Law’s and the difference is incredible

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