Gift Guide for Pets 2018


Gift Guide for Pets 2018

Christmas Gifts for pets

After a number years buying Christmas presents for our pets, our family are wholly convinced that the pet in question knows it’s Christmas. The look of anticipation from that soppy dog waiting patiently for the child in the family to excitedly unwrap the parcel is priceless, all while the superior cat looks on wondering what the silly humans and dopey dog are so excited about.

Even so we do all love our pets and it gives us great joy to buy them something too. So here’s our pick of some robust, and cute ideas to entertain us all.



One World Futbol™

£35 – Amazon

We know that dogs love playing with balls, we’ve lost countless balls with ours. But this is a great way to burn off those Christmas calories with the dog too and not worry that it’ll pop. There will be teeth marks in it afterwards, but it will not burst this ultra-durable football! But not only that, by buying a Futbol you’re contributing to an excellent cause; 5% of every purchase is donated to support play projects for organisations working with children in disadvantaged communities worldwide, where play is scarce or non-existent. The One World Play Project® has already brought play to an estimated 60 million youths in 185 countries.

It feels good to give so if you’re after a ball that will (literally) never die, consider the Futbol this Christmas.

Grip ‘n Tug

£12.99 Grip n Tug

This has been a big hit for our tester, after all tugging is the universally accepted go-to dog and owner game but also because of the fleecy fabric that’s part of the rope, our tester loves to sit and gently nibble the fabric on her own.

It’s a fun toy that has a useful handle that protects your hand when playing with an a snappy pooch, or in our case a slobbering hound.. The braided tug is soft to the touch but is strong enough to hold its own in a game of tug-of-war. My mum-voice is saying it’s great to thrown in the washing machine too when it gets too slimy with dog slobber.


Squeak ‘n Treat Ninja Star

£6.99 – Squeak ‘n Treat Ninja Star

This is great for dogs of all sizes, after all what dog doesn’t love a treat. It’s durable, strong and with it’s unique shape will bounce unpredictably to keep your daft dog guessing. Fill it with treats and the Treat Meter™ will release sporadic treats to delight your dog.

It’s made from vanilla-scented rubber so even with no treats inside, will keep dogs engaged. It also delivers a satisfying squeak while releasing treats, annoying maybe but it’s not too loud, and as it appeals to the natural prey drive of dogs we think it’s rather clever.

If your dog finds the toy too challenging, you can trim the patented Treat Meter prongs. But proceed with caution because once it’s gone it’s gone! If you need to wash it, just pop it on the top tray of your dishwasher.


Forever Bone Treat Ring Dog Toy – WIN!

£5.99 – Forever Bone Treat Ring Dog Toy, from £5.99 – durable bone-shaped toy that holds two different raw hide treats to encourage dogs to play for longer

Well this was super entertaining for our dog. She was sniffing at the package before I’d even broken the seal. As with all PetSafe products it’s strong and durable, it’s made from thick nylon and strong vanilla-scented rubber which is really yummy smelling. It can hold two natural rawhide disks that snap into place and kept our tester busy for literally hours, she even forgot about dinner time. Normally 5pm on the dot she’s asking for food but the Forever Bone made her totally forget. Now she’s eaten all of the 4 disks that came in the pack, she keeps taking it to every family member asking for a refill. So demanding… but even with no treats she’s happy to sit and chew it.


Dart Duo Rotating Laser Light

£24.99 from PetSafe

Keep those pesky tree-wrecking cats away from the baubles with this laser toy that boasts an automatic rotating light with 2 lasers to allow cats to play together. The lasers have adjustable speeds, and move in a circle whilst darting about, and quickly switch directions in a random style to make it difficult for the cat to predict its movements and catch the red dot. They love to pounce on it but they’re unlikely to ever catch it but shhh don’t tell them! Each laser spins in a circle on opposite sides so the two pouncing buddies won’t be competing for the same laser. Along with the adjustable speeds, there’s 4 timer settings that create 16 engaging play combinations.



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