What type of mum are you?


What type of mum are you?

What type of mum are you?

Do you remember the mum salary quiz we told you about a few months ago where you find out how much you actually earn? We loved it so much that we’ve found another for you!

It’s call “What type of mum” and it aims to tell you the type of mum you are by examining your responses and reactions to a set of given circumstances, and matching your personality to the characteristic mum you relate to most.

We’ve all observed, admired or even envied other mums in the playground or assemblies, so we appreciate that all us mums are different but are there specific, distinct features that set us apart?

We will all be over protective, super proud and gushingly in love with our little ones at least once throughout our little one’s lives, so the similarities amongst us are there if you look. This quiz is fun because it’s designed to identify your own distinguishing features and categorise you in the fab headings, take a look and see if you agree with the result!

Oh and for the record I’m an organic mum 🙂

Find out here – What type of mum are you?



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