5 ways to stay motivated


5 ways to stay motivated

5 great ways to stay motivated

Staying motivated day in day out can be really hard in any business.  There is the regular grind of tasks you would rather not do as well as the issues which can take the wind out of your sales and maybe make you wonder if it is all worth it.

Running a business and a family can be particularly taxing as you can sometimes be torn between commercial success and caring for those around you. If any of this sounds familiar then here are 5 simple tips to help you stay motivated when the going gets tough or pick you up if you are feeling down.

1. Match your time to your business

Trying to grow a business which is out of all proportion to the time available is asking for trouble.  There are only so many hours in a day and you need to decide if you really do have enough of them to grow a full time business.   Of course you can involve others but they will make demands on your time too. So to avoid being out of control and under huge pressure make sure your aspirations match your availability.

2. Make your goals meaningful

Of course business is all about finance but money in itself is a poor motivator compared to what it can buy.  So decide what you will do with the cash you hopefully will make at the end of the year and be very specific.  Even if you intend ploughing it all back in the business have at least one nice thing you will do or buy with a small proportion of it.  Then make this goal both tangible and visible.  There are lots of ways to do this – put it on your screen saver or maybe find images which will remind you of your objective and make a montage.  Whether it is a holiday, a car or getting the house improved you will be able to find images which will make an attractive and hopefully motivating picture.

3. Give yourself treats

There are boring mind numbing tasks in any business and it is sometimes hard to maintain motivation to the end.  To keep your energy up why not give yourself a little treat when the job is done.  You can make this even more fun by writing down lots of little treats on separate pieces of paper, putting them into a bag and drawing one out when you have completed a particularly tedious chore.   Learn to celebrate too.  We are great at beating ourselves up when things don’t go the way we expected or we screw up but usually never balance this with recognising and celebrating our successes no matter how small.

4. Enliven your environment

Changing the atmosphere and environment are great ways to pick up energy and stay motivated.  I am a classical music fan and like nothing better than listening to an opera CD.  But when my energy is low I put on a good rock station and bop away as I type.  You can change your office space too with colourful stuff on a notice board and maybe some flowers. When I need to think or be calmer I light a candle.  Also clear that desk.  It really is energy absorbing having a lot of clutter around.   The first thing I do when I visit a new client is look at their desk – it is just like looking into their head!

5. Create a support structure

Running a business can be quite lonely at times, especially if you are surrounded by people who are not part of your business and don’t understand the detail.  Creating an effective support structure is really important.  When I raise this with my clients they often say they do not know anyone who would act in this capacity but when pressed it is really that they feel they do not have the right to ask.  Believe me people are only too willing to show interest and lend an ear.  You could even set up an advisory board of people with different skills and approaches which meets once a month over a good meal which you could cook.  You get to update them on your progress and they get to add value and feel good about it.


Chris Kaday is a business coach and  business mentor who helps companies start up and grow, sometimes for fee but often for free. He is also a broadcaster, author and entrepreneur.  You can find out more about Chris and read his blog and business tips on www.chriskaday.co.uk

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