Hot Air Fryer Review

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Hot Air Fryer Review

Hot Air Fryer Review

I don’t know about you but every New Year I’m full of good intentions for a healthy lifestyle so, as a working mum I do like it when a time and labour saving device presents itself and this totally caught my attention straight away.

Kids love chips, but for me they’re a pain. I don’t use the oven much, the slow cooker is on almost daily along with the veg steamer so to put the oven on just for chips isn’t going to happen so steamed potatoes, mostly mashed is our way forward to get those carbs that kids, annoyingly, like so much.

However things may well change, and hopeful for a few benefits from this.

As I’m writing this I’m actively testing out the Hot Air Fryer from Progress. Forward thinking Morrisons will be stocking these nationwide from Boxing day… what a great time of year to launch too.

For today’s initial test, we’re going for the item I dislike cooking most; chips. I’ve cut up 3 potatoes into chip size, the instructions say to soak them in water for 30 mins to remove the starch but as I’d over-eagerley already warmed the fryer up I decided to soak them in boiling water in the hope of speeding up the process instead. I then dried them off with kitchen roll, coated them in a spot of cooking oil and popped them in the cooking basket, which was actually much bigger than the photo on the box suggested it would be.


Setting the timer is literally tapping the time button – 20 mins for home made chips, at 200 degrees and tapping the on/off button starts it up.

We’re now half way through and I’ve opened it up to give them a shake and they’re already browning nicely. I just opened the draw, shook them a little and pushed it back in, the clever thing remembered where it was and carried on cooking and counting down. All the way through the cooking process, the timer and temperature are on display, so it won’t over cook and you can’t forget to set the timer.

It’s pleasantly quiet, I imagine being air-heated there must be a fan in there so it’s not going to be silent, it’s a little like the sound a quiet microwave, or a plugin oil diffuser. But it’s nowhere near the noise level of our kitchen fan, which brings me to the cooking smell. There isn’t one. When have you cooked chips, ether in the oven or a deep fat fryer and not had that smell of cooking. There’s no smell with the air fryer and it’s liberating!

The result of the initial test, glossing over the fact we’re eating chips at 11am…

They’re awesome. We have the family here so I’ve blind tested them without telling anyone how they were cooked. Comments include that they are lighter than deep fried chips, not greasy at all, and what I love most is that there’s no smell. No cooking smell whatsoever which is fantastic.

We also tried crispy chicken fajitas. I cut up two breasts of chicken into finger sized pieces and coated them in spicy breadcrumbs and popped them in the Air Fryer at 180 degrees for 15 minutes, again like the chips giving them a shake half way through.

The result was really well cooked, crispy n the outside and moist on the inside, so quick and easy, and again – no smell and no washing up! Crikey it must be my birthday.



We wondered what we could cook in the oven, that wouldn’t work well in the Hot Air Fryer that we could put to the test and Pizza was our challenge. Now you can only put a pizza in that’s smaller than the diameter of the basket but we found that Sainsbury’s basics range at just 60p was perfect size. You will need to add more ingredients – we went for more cheese, tomato and mushrooms for ours. We warmed the air fryer up for 5 mins, placed the loaded pizza into the basket and cooked for 18 mins at 180 degrees. Our pizza was chilled, frozen pizza will take longer.

The biggest challenge we anticipated was how to get the pizza out, because the basket is deep enough to hold all those chips and chicken nuggets! However a flexible spatula slipped underneath right underneath and it came straight up with no fingers being burnt. The non-stick basket meant it was far easier than we thought it would be, and reminded me that there was no mess and no washing up!



Add some salad and it made a perfect lunch for two. I feel some sort of a platform on legs to hold a second pizza wouldn’t be too difficult to achieve, so maybe Progress have some accessories under development to add to the range.

Just like the slow cooker, I can see this being used daily in our kitchen, and in a bid to move away from chips, I think sweet potato would work well in this and I can’t wait to try it. I imagine there’s a great deal you can cook with the hot air fryer, and it’s far easier – and healthier than the alternatives.

I can see these being built into fitted kitchens as standard in the future because it really is the way forward. But until then, it’s Halloween and we have a houseful of kids coming over later so the hot air fryer will be busy tonight!

Progress products are available from Morrisons stores nationwide from Boxing Day.




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