How to reduce gluten in your diet, without even noticing.

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How to reduce gluten in your diet, without even noticing.

Pasta lovers: How to reduce gluten in your diet, without even noticing.

Review of Barilla gluten free pasta range

If you’re wondering whether to cut down on gluten in your diet, then gluten free pasta is a useful addition to your kitchen cupboard.    If you’re cooking for kids, then you’ll know that pasta is a reliable crowd pleaser, so I was keen to try out Barilla’s gluten free pasta range which is made from corn and rice rather than wheat.

It’s estimated that 6% of the population suffer from some sort of gluten sensitivity (1) which results in bloating, fatigue and dare we say, excess wind.   This is not to be confused with coeliac disease which is a gluten related auto immune disease and needs to be treated by a doctor. (2)

Would my family even notice if I switched the pasta?  And if so, would it help us reduce our gluten without protests from the kids?

I was intrigued to receive a very large box from Barilla.   No, not a year’s supply of pasta, but a range of pastas; fusilli, penne and spaghetti, a selection of pasta sauces including pesto and arrabbiata, plus a handy notebook and a fetching apron.





I’d gone to some lengths to hide this large box, so I could conduct a proper experiment on the family.  The goodies we’d been sent made for an easy and satisfying weekend lunch.   I chose the fusilli with the basilico sauce, and topped it with some black olives and cubes of mozzarella cheese.



The result?  Not a murmur.  When I asked the family what they noticed about lunch, they said they enjoyed the pasta sauce because it reminded them of going camping in France.  We usually cook our sauces from scratch, so full marks to Barilla for creating a sauce that had plenty of flavour and not too much sugar or salt.  I appreciated that the sauce meant we could make a speedy lunch in 15 minutes and then head out the door.

We all thought that the gluten free pasta tasted good, and the kids noted that it was slightly harder than the usual wheat pasta; a little more al dente if you like.  Unlike some other corn pastas I’ve tried in the past, the texture was smooth.  The texture is probably the key difference between gluten free and wheat pasta.   One tip: if you decide to try gluten free pasta, cook it for slightly longer than wheat pasta, and add a little more salt.  One packet of fusilli and one jar of sauce was plenty for four of us.



The Barilla gluten free pasta range is definitely one to add to your shopping list if you’d like to try reducing your gluten intake without changing your diet significantly.  It tasted good, with a pleasant texture, and adding a Barilla pasta sauce means you can create a quick and easy meal that the kids will eat without fuss.

Ruth Duncan, marketer at Tidy Books


This gluten-free fusilli is certainly not ‘pasta’ it’s best.

The kids and I are huge pasta fans.  They love it for lunch with grated cheese on top and will happily eat it again for tea with chicken or even pizza?! (Yes, I thought that too.)  So when I was asked to try out some gluten free pasta from Barilla I jumped at the chance.

The parcel arrived very quickly.  Inside was not only fusilli, but spaghetti and penne pasta too, along with a couple of jars of yummy sounding sauces and a lovely apron so I can act all ‘Italian chef’ while I cook up a storm.



Eldest sprite has recently decided to become vegetarian, so it was excellent timing.  The tomato and herb sauce was demolished in two servings – we are struggling to find enough things she will happily eat so it was reassuring to know she was getting some of her five a day.  Next time I go shopping I’ll be stocking up on that one!

I learnt a great tip here – The fusilli wasn’t such a hit, it was quite chewy at the end of the cooking time.  With hindsight I would leave it to boil a bit longer and test it before serving, it’s funny how you switch into auto and just set the timer as normal.

The pack of spaghetti accompanied one of our favourite dishes – ‘Spag Bol’ – I still use the recipe I got from my school cooking days.  This is pretty much the only pasta dish that Mr will eat, and I had to make a meat free version for our little vegetarian.  I honestly couldn’t tell any difference between this spaghetti and our usual supermarket brand.  It went well with the sauce, and there were clean plates all round.



Thank you Barilla for sending me a lovely sample of your gluten free range.  I’m fortunate to not have any intolerances in my family, but gluten free is a great health choice to make when shopping.

Cari Parker, from the Christmas Store


Barilla Gluten Free range is available in Tesco & Ocado. Plus! See a range of recipes online at Barilla Pasta.




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