Fathers Day Gift Guide 2018


Fathers Day Gift Guide 2018

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day appears to have crept up on us this year.

We are not entirely sure how that has happened and we are usually more prepared than this but fear not, we have a collection of perfect Father’s Day Gifts for you to choose from, to take the panic out of your last minute shopping.

So grab a cuppa and have a browse.

What’s your favourite?



North Face Rucksack

£81.00 North Face


We were told that North Face has updated the classic Borealis backpack by giving its suspension system an overhaul and adding easier-access pockets. Ideal for regular walks, commutes and urban adventures, this everyday pack provides ample storage for all your essentials including gadgets like laptops and tablets and features the brand’s FlexVent system which uses injection-moulded shoulder straps and a padded mesh back panel to deliver uncompromised support and enhanced ventilation.

Our review team have really put this backpack through its paces on days out (in the rain) and for holiday adventures too. It is an ideal piece of camping equipment and an all round sturdy but stylish backpack that wouldn’t look amiss on the daily commute or a camping adventure. The only problem that we see with this backpack is the arguments over who is going to use it!

Suit Carrier

£64.99 from dobell.co.uk

Every man needs a suit bag that is a classic and timeless wardrobe addition. It is an an essential piece of luggage for any suit wearer. The range of suit bags from Dobell have been specifically designed to protect the garments, so you can travel with ease between events or meetings and still look your best when you get there. We particularly like the multi purpose function of these luxury suit carrier, which is dual purpose and has a detachable briefcase, making life easy for the commuter or traveller dad!


Portable Solar Panel Charger Charger

£22.99 from Robert Dyas


This is a cracking gift for any dad with a phone or chargeable gadget. Saving money, and hassle, it’s a solar charger so perfect for both travel and at home, we think it’s especially useful in the garden with it’s lightweight and showerproof qualities. It opens like a book, your plug in your gadget and place the panel in direct sunlight, then if you’re out and about it takes up no room at all – particularly if your rucksack has a laptop pocket (which most do these days!). It doesn’t need to be charged up first either, it’s gives you immediate charging providing energy in an instant. No batteries? no problem, no power? no problem. You just need some sunlight, whether it’s direct sunlight or in a car window.



£33.99 from Zoro

This tool kit is perfect for the handyman Dad. For all those little and not-so-little maintenance and repairs around the home, this highly portablekit is an ideal choice and great value for money. It features a comprehensive selection of hand tools, from spanners and screwdrivers to pliers and hammers, all quality made from chrome vanadium steel with a polished or satin finish for a long tool life.

Our review team were really pleasantly surprised with how sturdy and comprehensive this tool kit was and the moulded interior means that you tools can go back in the right places and you know if you haven’t packed everything away before you close it up (which apparently is a big plus point).


Big Green Bottles

Prices start at £11.48 from thebigbottleco.com

We are told that The Big Bottle Co is far more than just another water bottle  – It’s a statement about where you are right now and where you want to go in the future. The people that choose The Big Bottle Co are ready to embrace their health, the health of the planet and live life to the fullest. They are ready to embrace every moment and dream bigger with each new day. They Live BIG!

It is definitely BIG! There is no discreetly tucking this bottle inside your briefcase but that’s because it should be celebrated on your desk or work station. It makes sure that you get your daily water hydration needs and stops the unnecessary disposal of plastic water bottles. Both of which get a big thumbs up from the Mumsclub team!


Braun Series 9 wet & dry shaver

Prices start at £200 from Amazon

Our reviewer was once a Gillette man, choosing to wet shave daily. He switched to the Braun some time ago, after being tired of the daily hassle and the associated cost of razors and shaving foam. He was really pleased with this Braun model 9 (model 9290), telling us from the off that it was an exceptional experience, with it feeling more like a massage than a shave,. It gave a good close shave with no nicks, shave burn or irritations. He found the shaver bigger than his model 5 but said that the extra size felt better in his grip, and more secure, meaning his could hold it more comfortably, and at a better angle.

Cleaning was easy and quick with the cleaning station. It’s a superb feature, ensuring the shaver is lubricated and fully charged and ready for when he needs it.

Our reviewer is now a firm Braun man, he tells us this was significantly more impressive than any other high-end shaver he’s tried and he’d be hard pushed to try any other brand again and that you get what you pay for.

Chocolate Pizza

£10.50 from The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Co Ltd


Chocolate works for any gifting opportunity really doesn’t it, and we fell involve with this awesome chocolate pizza designed just for Father’s Day. Hand made from gorgeous gourmet chocolate, these pizzas are both innovative and scrummy with a Belgian milk chocolate base, topped with milk chocolate curls, a handmade white chocolate plaque and coloured rainbow drops, the designs can be coloured to tie in with Dad’s favourite team’s colours too. There’s also a whole range of pizza designs, plus other types of chocolate gifts to choose from too, including a rather cool hamper that’s packed with sweet treats. They come in a real looking pizza box too, it really is a great looking gift.

Salter XL 3 in 1 Snack Maker – WIN!

£59.99 available from Amazon



I don’t know about you but the men in our families tend to love gadgety things, and making snacks can be far more an interesting activity than making, say dinner for the whole family! But this item has definitely sparked an interest in the chaps around here. It’s not the normal snack maker, it’s both a 3-in-1 covering the preparation of delicious waffles, paninis and toasted sandwiches, but the grill plates are super deep so ideal for packing in the filling, whether they’re savoury for lunches, or sweet for dessert. Oh and for washing up, it’s dead easy with the non stick plates.

For more information and to view the full range visit https://www.saltercookshop.com/

Marley Headphones

£49.99 (currently reduced from &69.99)from House of Marley

The Mumsclub team have always been big fans of the House of Marley brand and with so many phones and tablets now having no headphone jack, wireless headphones are the way forward.

The House of Marley Positive Vibration 2 Wireless headphones are big drivers, soft ear cushions, precision sound; Positive Vibration 2 Wireless is an instant classic and lifestyle essential. One of the big plus points for us is the 10 hour battery because no one likes to have to be attached to a charger as that kind of defeats the object of being wireless doesn’t it?  The headphones also include a removable cable with a mic and 1-button remote so you can continue to listen plugged in should you wish, and features on-board controls and microphone to control your music and take calls with convenience. How cool is that?

Razor By Dorco

Prices from £8.74 from Razors by Dorco

If your Dad likes the classic shave, this Father’s Day, treat your Dad to the closest shave of his life, with Dorco’s premium CLASSIC razor. This razor has been developed with cutting edge Korean technology, the seven angled blade and pivoting head is the ultimate in precision shavie. The Dorco blade really raises the bar for achieving a close shave and cuts through stubble effortlessly. If you have a man that likes a sharp but soothing shave, then the Dorco Shave Gel Kit is a great idea this Fathers Day.



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  1. Kristyn Harris

    My Dad would loves anything to do with music so a set of headphones would be his favourite gift!

  2. andrea miles

    my dad is just happy with a card but wouldn’t say no to a garden voucher

  3. Sidrah Ahmed

    My dad loves anything technology and gadgets

  4. Tracy Nixon

    My ideal father’s day gift is a day spent with my dad!

  5. Lynne OConnor

    He loves his music, especially opera, so a new cd would be his choice, or a box of After Eights

  6. Laura Jeffs

    CDs, ad my dad is a huge music fan!!He’s got a great cd collection too

  7. Rebecca Sutton

    time together, as his daughter lives an hour away so its no always simple to have time together

  8. Kathleen marsden

    My dad loves a day out with the family so we always Book somewhere nice to eat and maybe a trip to the theatre for all of us

  9. Alica

    He always loves new DIY tools 🙂

  10. Kim Styles

    I think for my other half as he is the one I buy fathers day gifts for it would be computer gadgets and products as that is his hobby

  11. angela b

    He always drops hints for a bottle whiskey

  12. Fiona K

    He would like a driving experience on a race track

  13. simon tutthill

    Think it would have to be a lovely new watch

  14. Alison

    A plant for the garden or garden centre vouchers.

  15. Karen Hughes

    My dad loves food and wine. So a nice hamper with a bottle of wine and hand picked treats goes down well.
    We will have a nice lunch and enjoy family time

  16. kev banham

    my dad loves technology and all gadgets

  17. Mo

    My ideal Father’s Day gift would a Chocolate Pizza.

  18. Solange

    A gift experience day.

  19. Mark

    A fun day out as a family

  20. meryl c


  21. Ritchie

    Beer or socks

  22. Judith Allen

    Time. My dad would rather have a chat than anything else, he’s plenty of stuff.

  23. Sarah Mackay

    Probably a break away somewhere.

  24. Sophie Carter

    My dads really hard to buy for, but I’d love to buy him an iPad if I had the money.

  25. Maria blythin

    socks as he always asks for socks lol


  27. Lynne Manton

    Anything for his beloved garden

  28. Ruth Harwood

    The ideal gift is something he really wants like a new watch or some toiletries x

  29. Cara Holmes

    my husband is not fussy about gifts too much for fathers day, he just likes spending the somewhere with his children and me

  30. WiseWays

    My ideal Fathers Day gift would be to have him back


    a day out with the family or a nice meal

  32. Corinne Fisher

    Only father in my family is my son in law and he’s fishing mad so my daughter usually sticks to that and the usual Daddy mug etc.

  33. A bottle of whiskey

  34. Rich Tyler

    A spa day!

  35. iain maciver

    a bottle of malt whiskey

  36. Lesley Bradley

    A hamper full of curry pastes, spices, flavoured salt etc

  37. Joanne Beale

    My dad loves Paynes Brazil Nuts and a bottle of Whisky

  38. Susan B

    A day out at an historic building or a gardening gift such as vouchers or new tools.

  39. Laura Pritchard

    My husband likes vouchers for ghosting hunting events.

  40. Susan Smith

    My dad loves technology, loves the gadgets, sometimes wonder who is the kid in the family haha

  41. Martina Pichova

    Something personalized – I like giving photobooks and canvases with photos of our family.

  42. Heather Haigh

    My hubby always likes something personal and home-made, maybe a knitted item or a cake.

  43. kimberley ryan

    time spent as a family, either a fun day outdoors or a lovely meal togther

  44. Angela Treadway

    a nice watch xx

  45. Melissa Thorpe

    My dad is easily pleased – a Hotel Chocolat gift set should be right up his alley!


    My hubby just loves to go out with me and the kids – a nice country walk then home to a big roast dinner. But the best gifts we usually buy his are experience days like race cars, bungee jumping that sort of thing

  47. Ray Dodds

    A nice card

  48. Claire Woods

    A experience day.

  49. Victoria Prince

    My dad’s ideal Father’s Day gift is a large amount of crystallised ginger! He just loves the stuff

  50. Leila Benhamida

    Love the North Face Rucksack.

  51. Marion

    Something from a well known tool shop. There’s always something he needs.

  52. My children always give there Dad a homemade card, it’s the best gift ever!

  53. Dean T

    Always get my dad some beer and a gadget, something small and techy

  54. Allison Sherwood

    A lovely day out is always welcome.

  55. Tracey Belcher

    A day with Quality Family time

  56. Kim Neville

    A gadget and some beers and a nice family meal

  57. tim poole

    My girlfriend

  58. Peter Watson

    A Roast Beef and Yorkshire dinner.

  59. amy bondoc

    my dad loves activity days out

  60. Laura Banks

    something to do with fishing

  61. Helen Allan


  62. Thomas Buchanan

    beer and chocolate!

  63. Laura pugh

    a day out somewhere for my husband, me and the boys – last year we went to the transport museum in Coventry – best bit is it was free! and they all loved it

  64. Jade P

    As long as my Dad has chocolate, he’s over the moon!

  65. michelle o'neill

    hes happy with beer lol

  66. Lorna Ledger

    It would be a weekend away, with the kids, a real family get together


    garden center vouchers or a big bottle of single malt whiskey

  68. Jay

    He always says he doesn’t want anything but I do like to spoil him as he does so much for me.

  69. Maria hackett

    Cheeseboard and some Blu rays

  70. Charlene Merrall

    A driving experience!

  71. Alison Johnson

    For my Hubby it’s just having all the kids round laughing & messing about together. Although the odd bottle of Whisky from the elder ones always goes down well!

  72. cheryl hadfield

    diy goodies or fine ale selection

  73. A holiday, I think!

  74. Karen Barrett

    Restaurant vouchers

  75. My dad loves anything football, so anything to do with football he would love.

  76. Juli Savage

    My dad loves chocolate especially rum and raisin flavour

  77. Michelle Smith

    A cd he loves rock music.

  78. Anthea Holloway

    Having his family around him for some fun and some lunch! A bottle of his favourite tipple wouldn’t go amiss either!

  79. Kirsty Ward

    My Dad loves Chocolate!

  80. Libby Alexander

    A big hug! And quality time spent with my Dad.
    He rushes around so much, doing everything for everyone, that it’s nice to make him sit down, relax, and take some time just for him.

  81. Tracy B

    My hubby says he’d like ‘Peace and quiet’ Hahahaha!

  82. A S,Edinburgh

    A day out.

  83. Lorraine Kirk

    A hand made card and beer!

  84. Kevin Johnson

    A family holiday or day out.

  85. Afternoon tea out with his girls

  86. Claire Appleton

    A lovely day out with the family 🙂

  87. debbie Davies

    I always find it difficult to know what to get for my dad as hes 84 so has everything he needs so i always end up getting chocolate or his new favorite sweets dolly mixtures he loves them 🙂

  88. Paula Phillips


  89. Jessica Barber

    I think a day out with favourite dinner is the best! It involves quality time and a bit of pampering!

  90. Angela Oakley


  91. Jo Richards

    A relaxing day where they look after me for a change


    For me it would have to be a bottle of whiskey

  93. Ellen Stafford

    My dad loves whisky!

  94. Denise Wilden

    For my Dad a bottle of whisky my husband a CD or record

  95. Diana

    Experience vouchers 🙂

  96. ellie spider

    my dad doesnt want a gift as such – he likes me to take him out for a nice indian meal and a beer

  97. Lorraine Crawford

    My dad loves puzzle books!

  98. Vicky H

    Taking him out for a meal with all the family.


    I like to make my Dad smile on fathers day

  100. Sam Parkes

    Usually clothes and chocolate

  101. Miss Tracy Hanson

    My Dad got what he wanted, a day with beer and snacks in front of the TV watching all the sport he wanted, while I went to the rugby and then when I came home we brought a Chinese takeaway with us – he won’t eat out any more due to health reasons and he thinks everyone is watching him eat (no-one is but he’s a bit paranoid about it). Great prize. Thanks for the chance.

  102. Emma Walton

    My ideal fathers day gift is when the kids spend the day with their dad, maybe cook something for him for breakfast etc.

  103. Helen Tovell

    A nice bottle of wine

  104. Rena Plumridge

    Wine !

  105. Maria Jane Knight

    A way we can make memories, like a special day out would be a treat for my Dean.

  106. Faye Reed

    A bottle of Whiskey for my dad

  107. Charlotte G

    My Dad likes any thing to do with gardening or DIY so anything along those lines he Would be happy with

  108. Vera Bahounkova

    A day in the spa

  109. Ruth Wollerton

    My dad loves gadgets and reading, so it would be a combination of both xxx

  110. Carole Nott

    My dad just wants a hello from me

  111. janine atkin

    mine loves computer games!! he never did grow up lol

  112. justine meyer

    My dad would love anything to do with the gardens x

  113. Georgie Wright

    A plant or something else for the garden.

  114. Phill Worboys

    A new fragrance or cheese!

  115. Kirsteen Mackay

    Something for the garden or outside of the house, like a weather vane, outdoor thermometer, traditional doorbell etc.

  116. jo liddement

    Probably a book and a box of shortbread biscuits, his favourite.

  117. Beverley Cousins

    A nice meal in a country pub with all the family around.

  118. Alison

    My Dad loves any kind of a gadget

  119. donna large

    a day out at a musical

  120. Hannah Thompson

    My ideal Father’s Day gift for my dad is a day out and time spent together

  121. paula cheadle

    my hubby loves a nice bottle of whisky

  122. Adrian Bold

    My ideal father’s day gift is a day where I can get a lie in and catch up on some sleep!

  123. Simone Griffin

    My partner always loves food from the kids!

  124. Caroline

    My dad loves anything to do with technology and gadgets

  125. Lee Hardy

    Socks, why change.

  126. Teresa sheldon

    Lunch out with my Dad always fun

  127. Jeanette Leighton

    I think my dad would say liquorice but I got him something more meaningful…. A personalized keyring with grandchildren and card and world’s best dad socks with moustache he’s had his moustache for about 50 years lol

  128. Louise Clarke

    My Dad loves new gadgets so I think he would love this 3-1

  129. Dominique Ralf

    A torch never fails to please.

  130. sarah pearce

    power tools or a nice watch x

  131. Ben Townsend

    My dad likes anything cheese related!

  132. Lynn Neal

    My husband likes a bottle of whiskey for Father’s Day!

  133. Jane Allen

    Anything gadgety, my dad has always loved a gadget!

  134. Edward Guerreiro

    Some kind of gadget. Maybe some new headphones.

  135. Deborah Mackenzie

    Quality time and making a memory

  136. Amy Jo McLellan

    I always buy my Dad beer but this would have been great as something different as I normally buy snacks too 🙂

  137. Andrea F

    Beer, chocolate and a homemade card

  138. Niki Marie Wardle

    I managed to buy my father inlaw a bottle of aftershave he loves that had been discontinued.It wasn’t overly expensive but I was excited to see the look on his face and it was totally worth it!!

  139. Becky Duffy

    A nice day spent together and perhaps a nice watch and bottle of something

  140. Natalie Crossan

    booze – never fails!

  141. Janine H

    When I ask my Dad if there’s anything he wants or needs, his answer is always the same – A big hug is all he needs. So buying him gifts is always a mission. Saying that though, I know he’d love the 3 in 1 snack maker, as he loves his toasted cheese

  142. Melanie

    My dad loves anything tool related.

  143. Tee Simpson

    Has to be a bottle of gin

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