40 people injured or killed by CO, don’t let it be you.


40 people injured or killed by CO, don’t let it be you.

I was alarmed this week to learn that in the last 2 years, 40 people have been killed or injured by Carbon Monoxide (CO) whilst on holiday.

Particularly holidays involving staying in a tent, caravan, holiday cottage or boat, which are all my kind of holiday but it has never occurred to me that CO is a threat.

With this in mind, I want to help Project SHOUT, the UK’s leading Carbon Monoxide (CO) awareness campaign, to reach and encourage more families to take a CO alarm with them on holiday.

Did you even know they were so easily available to buy?

I didn’t.



You can buy them very cheap too – from less than £15 which is a tiny price to pay for safety. There’s so many places to buy them too, from Amazon to B&Q and The Range. There’s a full list of stockists here.

The campaign states that:

“Most battery powered CO alarms are portable which makes them ideal for taking on holiday. In hotels, guests are often unaware that they are sleeping next to boiler rooms or above a room with a fireplace; if you’re camping, CO can enter your tent from a smouldering BBQ outside; plan to take a CO alarm to any future holiday destinations to ensure you are safe.”

The symptoms of CO


There’s loads of information on the Project SHOUT website but what caught my eye was the advice regarding what to do in the event of the alarm sounding, alarming us to potentially lethal levels of CO:

What to do when your CO Alarm sounds

  1. Open doors and windows.
  2. Stop using all fuel-burning appliances and, if possible, turn them off.
  3. Evacuate the property leaving the doors and windows open.
  4. If in the UK, in an emergency call National Gas Service on: 0800 111 999 Alternatively contact your gas or other fuel supplier on their emergency number.
  5. Don’t re-enter the property until the alarm has stopped.
  6. Get medical help immediately for anyone suffering the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  7. Don’t use the appliance again until it has been checked by an expert.



We have two CO detectors to give away, just enter your details below and we’ll pick two random winners in 2 weeks time.

Good luck and stay safe!


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  1. Stephen Little

    Yes, I was!

  2. angela b

    yes I am aware

  3. Vivien Baird

    Yes But you never think how esential a catbon Monoxide alarm

  4. Susan B

    Yes I was aware but I wouldn’t have been sure who to call to deal with the emergency.

  5. carolyn Heyworth

    I was but I suppose its different on holiday you don’t always think about risks where you’re staying

  6. Kim Murray

    Yes, seen items on the TV – have a detector – was shocked about the little boy who died when fumes came from next door x

  7. Yvonne

    Yes I am aware

  8. Gerri Tennant

    I vaguely knew about it but never really thought what could happen. Thanks for the advice. I haven’t got an alarm.

  9. catherine plant

    while on holiday you forget that you are useing gas applances just like you do at home ie cooker and central heating

  10. Marion

    Definitely aware when at home, we have a carbon monoxide alarm. But strangely, it’s not crossed my mind when we’ve been away.

  11. Samantha O'D

    Yes i am aware and stupidly have not got round to putting one in my new house

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