6 Things Your Business Is Losing By Not Having An Online Presence


6 Things Your Business Is Losing By Not Having An Online Presence

6 Things Your Business Is Losing By Not Having An Online Presence

Online presence is of greater importance now than ever before, as people considering a new product or service turn to Google before making a decision and expect to find an informative, genuine looking site for whatever company they are considering.

Word of mouth can only get your so far in 2015 and beyond, so if you still do not have an online presence, here’s what you are losing out on:

1. New customers and leads

Obviously. With no online presence you are regularly missing out on business opportunities with new customers simply because they won’t find you online when searching for a product or service your business offers. Setting up a website, even if it just features contact details and branding, isn’t too strenuous a task. You can set up a free site via a platform such as WordPress or look into business web hosting from UK2, who will help you create a website, host it on their servers and also assist you when it comes to maintenance.

2. Reputability 

An online presence demonstrates to customers that you are happy to publically advertise your business online and open to people commenting and reviewing you publically. A business that wants to be found online indicates that it doesn’t care only about making money, it wants to be seen and shared by happy customers on the Internet.

Without an online presence your small business could look shady, for want of a better word. Businesses that don’t have an online presence are usually the ones that need it the most when it comes to reputability, such as car mechanics and small restaurants.

3. Trust 

Much like reputability, trust is another thing you could be losing if you do not have an online presence. The ability to see how businesses are ranked online is important to customers and this might affect their trust if they cannot see where you fall or if you’re on there at all.

4. Local presence 

Most businesses work locally – occasionally dipping their toe further ashore – so it’s by not having an online presence and making people aware where you are based you’re losing out on that strong presence in your industry, in your area.

A mobile hairdresser without an online presence might think word of mouth is good marketing, as they take on work from friends of friends. What they don’t realise is that with a good online presence they could be known as the go-to business in their local area after a quick Google search by a potential customer. Once you’re online it’s a good idea to add your business to Google+ Local and ensure it carries all the information potential customers need.

5. A strong place in your industry

For a business to gain a good reputation it needs to surpass what its competitors are doing and without online presence you will never have the advantage over a rival business. An online presence allows you to actively promote yourself, react to current events and provide expert advice and information on and off page, boosting your place in the industry as a thought leader.

6. Growth 

No business can grow without an online presence now, you need those page views and leads from your website to see any chance of expansion. An online presence provides you with a whole new world of opportunities, it could be a stunning website or strong usage of social media but without it your business has nowhere to go.




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