5 Ways To Save Money While Selling Your Home


5 Ways To Save Money While Selling Your Home

5 Ways To Save Money While Selling Your Home

Selling your home is no cheap task, requiring investment on your part to ensure your home is in good order for those viewers, as well as numerous fees that must be paid to estate agents and solicitors throughout the process.

Here are five ways to save money while selling your home:

1. Avoid estate agents

These guys take a 1-3% cut off your sale, as well as asking for some hefty fees to be paid too, so why not just cut them out completely? Talk to a company such as We Buy Any Home, whose sole purpose is to purchase your house for a fair price for cash, so you can move on quickly and without the expensive legal fees. The company offers a completely free service, there are no valuation costs and they even cover your legal fees!

2. Haggle 

Fees are negotiable when it comes to estate agents and solicitors and you can query them or attempt to reduce the price. Get quotes from various companies and pit them against each other when you meet, just the same as when you’re changing your car insurance or making a big purchase online. If the solicitor you’re talking to won’t budge on price then it’s a good idea to consider another, flexibility is key when it comes to working with a legal team.

3. Price your home correctly at the start 

If you aren’t over ambitious when it comes to the price of your property (some sellers and estate agents bump the price up by £10,000 more than other properties being sold in the area) you can prevent delays in a sale – especially if you are competing with other houses down your street.

Pricing your property fairly will ensure people are interested and could lead to a quicker sale. Some might argue that by doing this you remove the room to haggle and people might still attempt to lower this fair price but if you are certain it is correct, stay true to it and they will come around if they really want the property.

4. Do the bare minimum clean up jobs 

It’s important when selling your home that it appears clean and in good order when potential buyers visit to view. Touching up paintwork and replacing bulbs in your spotlights in the living room can make a difference when it comes to selling your home and these minor projects don’t cost a huge amount.

It’s important you give your home a good clean as well. Check out these natural cleaners you can make at home to save yourself some money. Baking powder and vinegar will become your new best friends.

5. Enlist the help of family and friends 

Moving house is expensive. Once you’ve saved all that money on fees, you can save some more by getting everyone you know on board when it comes to actually moving out.

Don’t pay out for an expensive removal service if your uncle has a van you can borrow and avoid paying out for brand new cardboard boxes and bubble wrap when your local supermarket probably has plenty that they can give you.




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