The SME’s guide to: The pros and cons of self-storage


The SME’s guide to: The pros and cons of self-storage

The SME’s guide to: The pros and cons of self-storage

Whether you’re moving house and need somewhere to keep your belongings for a short time or are looking for somewhere more long-term to keep company stock, you might be considering renting one of the many cheap storage facilities available across the UK. Extra space can be extremely useful from time-to-time, but what are the pros and cons of self-storage?

The pros: 

1. Space-saver
Firstly and perhaps foremost, storage units are a great space safer. They’re the perfect place to securely store all kinds of bulky belongings from canoes and bikes to gym equipment and furniture and are available in different sizes meaning you only have to pay for the amount of room you require. Storage units are ideal for anyone trying to de-clutter their home or office and are a great holding ground for people who know they need to trash or sell some of their things but can’t bring themselves to let go of their property at that moment in time.

Similarly, storage units are ideal if you’re moving to a smaller property and can’t take all your belongings with you. They provide a temporary place for people to sort through want they want to keep and what they don’t even when time is against them – for example, moving day is looming yet you’ve not had time to sell any of your furniture. Moreover, if you’re moving to a bigger property and have already started accumulating bits and bobs, you can place them in storage until you’re ready to move in to avoid cramping up your current property.

2. Safe and secure

With many storage facilities being manned around the clock and guarded by sophisticated security systems, you can rest assured that your property will be kept safe and sound. Individually alarmed rooms and individual PIN code access all help to make each premises secure and as many companies allow you to monitor your storage account online you can always keep tabs on what is happening with your property – even if you live abroad for most of the year or don’t pay regular trips to the unit.

3. Good for business

These days, many storage facilities come with power outlets and Wi-Fi making them the ideal place to run a business. Believe it or not, many UK entrepreneurs are now using these facilities as a base for their companies not only storing stock inside these spacious units but using them as mini offices – not a bad idea when you compare the affordable rental price of self-storage with the high prices of renting out office space in a commercial block.


1. Can encourage hoarding 

With one in five Brits admitting to having enough clutter to fill an entire room, it’s no secret that we’re a nation of hoarders – and there’s always the worry that storage units will just encourage us to hold onto more and more stuff without throwing it away. While this concern is somewhat justified, it’s up to each and every person to use their space sensibly and if people are paying money for extra space they might be inclined to have a sort out.

2. Lack of space

While many different sized storage units are available, people often have to rent more than one to accommodate their belongings. Of course, having multiple rooms might be an annoyance to users who want to keep all their things together, but at least the extra space is readily available.

Storage units are undoubtedly useful, so if you need a bit of extra room why not check them out for yourself?



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