Waffle Maker Review


Waffle Maker Review

Flip Over Waffle Maker Review

The second kitchen gadget we’ve been testing from the American Originals range at Argos is the Waffle Maker. Similarly to the Ice Cream Maker, it’s another way to get the kids in the kitchen.

The first thing to note is that it’s a slimline piece of kit, as a result it’s found itself in a permanent on top of the counter position. Normally we’d store such items in the cupboard until we need them but this little thing, (due to its daily use!) has a permanent home. I don’t normally like clutter in the kitchen but I don’t mind admitting this looks quite nice!

For the first few times we followed the instructions, and the recipes that came in the instruction leaflet. It’s very straight forward; you mix the ingredients together, pour into the moulds, close it up and wait, then giving it a flip part way through cooking to make sure it cooks nice and evenly. But really, don’t worry if you forget, your waffles aren’t ruined if you don’t flip it!

The kids quite enjoyed flipping it so it’s now their job. Be careful of the sides though, those hot plates can be very hot!



Ingredients & toppings

The basic recipe works really well, but we soon progressed onto adding cinnamon, which is now in our recipe as standard. We agreed the cinnamon is a must and really does work well, especially with sliced apple. You can bake the apple first and sprinkle brown sugar which is lovely for those with a sweet tooth. Raw apple drizzled with maple syrup was our favourite, and as a bonus raw fruit retains more vitamins!

Sliced bananas, ice cream, frozen yoghurt and marshmallows are really good too. If you place the marshmallows on top of the waffles and then under the grill until they brown you’ll be in heaven.

But be sure to go for a run for the next few days to burn the marshmallows off…


Additional uses

The reason our waffle maker lives up on top in our kitchen is because it has encouraged my pre-teen to make his own lunch. We don’t often have time to make fresh waffles in the morning, and my pre teen seems to delight in finding new things to put in the waffle maker and as a result has great breakfasts! He will put american style pancakes int he waffle maker to warm them up, they come out waffle shaped which he loves, he also pops his baguette in there before adding his lunch sandwich fillers.

You’ll be surprised at what works in the Waffle maker. Just ask the kids…


Marks out of 5

Overall 5/5 – Couldn’t fault this at all!


Where to buy

£29.99 – available to buy from Argos: Flip over Waffle Maker


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