Ice Cream Maker review


Ice Cream Maker review

Ice Cream Maker review

Getting kids into baking can, for some parents be a challenge. Some take to it straight away and enjoy it, others may need some coercion to get started. In any event I believe baking knowledge is important for all kids to grow up with, it doesn’t have to be Michelin star level but knowing how to throw a Victoria sponge together and understanding the elements of timing when putting a meal together is important. Call me sexist here but I actually feel it’s more important for boys to grow up not believing in the stereotypical thought that women are the designated cooks. Yes, as a mum of boys, I’m trying to raise a great future husband. Future daughter in law; you’re welcome. 😉

So we came across this, the Ice Cream maker from The American Originals range at Argos and I thought oh fantastic let’s get the kids making ice cream. And it did create a lot of excitement. Over the past few weeks we’ve made various ice creams, frozen yoghurts and sorbets.


Headed by our 11 year old reviewer, Jamie, here’s his video, and below some tips that we learnt along the way.



What you get

The Ice cream maker comes in two parts, the bowl which must be put in the freezer for 12 hours before using. Our bowl is now kept in the freezer permanently, ready for almost instant ice cream. In the half hour (or less) that it’s needed it doesn’t defrost much and using warm soapy water on a sponge afterwards cleans it all off without defrosting it too, just pop it straight back in the freezer after.


Instruction leaflet

It’s so straight forward to use, so easy in fact that you don’t feel you need to read it. Just take note of the pre-freezing.



You get some recipes in the instruction booklet which are useful to start you off. Knowing how much the bowl will take is good to know. But we experimented a lot, which was a great learning curve for the kids, as I mostly left them to it.


You can replace cream with plain yoghurt to make it healthier too. So many different fruits will work and you can make a smoothie mix first with a few different items, broccoli can be added to the sorbet and especially with raspberries you won’t even notice it.


What’s great

Ease of use, it really is easy and fun too. The kids enjoyed watching the mixture turn into ice cream as the lid is clear plastic so you can see it in real life, happening before your very eyes!


You can experiment loads using different fruits, yoghurts and milks, soya might be quite good to try. It’s great for the kids to see for themselves how slightly different products can produce different results.


The bowl is 0.6 litre so you won’t be making enough ice cream to keep for a week as you might do when buying a tub in the supermarket, but unlike what you buy in a supermarket you know exactly what’s going in YOUR ice cream. You know there’s no additives in there to make it last longer and it’s wonderful being in control and making it as you want it. We’ve started including it’s preparation during cooking tea, when we sit down to eat the machine goes on and when we’re done it’s ready. AND as a Brucie Bonus, it stops the kids from faffing around at tea time – if they want the fresh ice cream then they have to eat their tea. Simples.


Top Tips!

When dishing up the ice cream, make sure you don’t use a knife/fork to get the ice cream off the sides of the bowl, it will scratch the bowl. Spoons are ok if used gently but even better a hard plastic spoon would be ideal. You won’t ruin the bowl if it gets scratched but just keep it in mind.


Using frozen fruit to make a smoothie makes a great sorbet mixture and it reduces the mixing time considerably, it was ready in less than 10 minutes. Just remember that a freezing cold mixture, as it’s poured in, will start to freeze on the sides of the bowl straight away so don’t hang about – get it mixing asap.


If you want to keep your ice cream or sorbet for later, put cling film over it and put it back in the freezer, it helps to keep it from going too hard. It will still go firm compared to supermarket offerings, but they have additives and a lot more air pumped into them to keep them soft…


Marks out of 5

Overall 4/5 – losing one point only because we’d like a bigger bowl.

Accompanying product

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Where to buy

£39.99 – available to buy from Argos: Ice Cream Maker


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