The Famous Five Adventure Game review

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The Famous Five Adventure Game review

The Famous Five Adventure Game review

I was so excited to give my son some Famous Five books. They were a big favourite of mine growing up so it was lovely to be able to pass the stories on. Updated for modern times, the books still have their original flair fully intact. The illustrations have developed to be very attractive attractive to a modern day pre-teen.

My 12 year old started reading and lapped it up. At first he found the style of language hilarious, reading aloud in his best posh English accent, responding to his grandma with phrases along the lines of “of course grandma, that would be simply marvellous” and adding “spiffing” or “jolly good” wherever possible.

But he soon got used to that way of speaking and quickly became engrossed in the stories. The age range the books are aimed at starts at 7 years but even at 12, my son got through them very quickly. He was still reading way past his bedtime on a number of occasions, and even got up before 6 to finish the first book.


So when I gave him the Famous Five Adventure game to play, he was ready for it! He’s a keen gamer so it was great to give him a change from Minecraft and Roblocks!


The Famous Five Adventure Game has been launched now to coincide with the 75th anniversary of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five., and what a perfect nod to the celebrated author. The game really makes the player think, it’s a little like Cluedo where there’s been a crime – albeit a less sinister crim! In our video review below, you’ll see that Aunt Fanny’s garden glove has gone missing! After choosing your playing character you have to travel about the area on your bike looking for clues and questioning suspects so deduce who is the culprit. If they forget anything, there’s a map to check on and the game keeps track of your information collected to but it’s up the the player to solve the clues.

There’s lots for the kids to read too, which means it’s an extension of the books in that it helps to develop their reading, and t here’s mini games to play along the way too which keep them engaged too.

The open Dyslexic font and colour overlays is a wonderful addition for anyone needing extra help, it’s very clear from the initial page as to how to activate it.

We decided the best way to show how the app work was to create a live video of his first experience of the app, however that didn’t go to plan because he knew it was on my phone while we were out and he couldn’t wait, so the video he made was the second time he played it.

You’ll notice the video doesn’t go to the end of the game, we didn’t want to give away too much so it does stop about half way through, he carried on to the end without an audience.

It’s a gem we won’t be deleting just yet because each time you play there’s different story to follow, the player gets to create their own personalised adventure each time they play. And being on my phone it’s always available as a boredom blaster. It’s already been a hit with some bored kids at my son’s swimming lesson last week.


Here’s Jamie’s own review:

My Famous Five Review

About the books

The books are about two boys (Julian, 12) (Dick, 11) And 2 girls (Georgina, 11) (Anne, 10) And a dog (Timothy, age unknown) who all go on adventures and solve mysteries around where they live: Kirrin island!

Description of characters

Julian- He is the oldest in the gang. Has short brown hair and round glasses. He loves adventures and gets extremely excited when something big is coming up!  (12)

Dick- Has frizzy red hair, extremely brave and take on anything that comes in his path! (11)

Anne- Has long blonde hair, usually seen wearing a blue and white dress. Not very brave but is a great listener and takes in anything she thinks is quite mysterious! (10)

George- Has short black hair, loves being a boy and hates anything girly… When you’re not friends with her you’re enemies but when your friends. You’re friends for life! (11)

About the app

The app is an educational game that helps develop language and puzzle solving skills.

It is an IOS App that costs £2.99 on the app store.

In the game you can choose one of four characters to be the leader of the gang (Julian, Anne, Dick or George). Once you have chosen your leader, you can make them ride around on their bike whilst being trailed by their dog Timothy!

There is a range of different quests and mysteries to solve, and there are different puzzles to solve like piecing back together a picture or letter to someone!

Around the map, there are minigames you can play to earn coins, the coins can be used to unlock other areas or cheats during the puzzles, such as super slow-motion!



View Jamie’s full version here Full version

View the Famous Five Adventure Game on iTunes 




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