Get 25% off until the end of March

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Get 25% off until the end of March

Get 25% off Membership throughout March!

✓ Get Media Alerts
✓ Business Boosting Toolkits
✓ Your business promoted to our social media of 50k
✓ Free review products for you to keep!
And more!

10 years ago MumsClub was created on a shoestring budget. Our biggest asset came from months, and then years, of the painstaking nurturing of media and journalist relationships. But it paid off…

Getting media attention

MumsClub has been featured in countless features and articles. From a simple case study in Prima Baby back in 2007 which created our first influx of traffic, to mentions and interviews in tabloid newspapers, Tesco magazine, Good Housekeeping, Woman and Home, radio appearances, and more. It’s been great for traffic and creating awareness plus it’s enjoyable too!

As a result, we continued to grow, we’ve reached and helped thousands of women juggle parenting and business for which our founder, Jane Hopkins was made MBE in 2012.

We have never stopped sourcing media opportunities and now we’re delighted to say that journalists send their requests direct to us.

We pass all our journalist enquiries on to our members and as a result, MumsClub members have been interviewed on the BBC, had products placements in tabloid gift guides, magazine gift guides, and lots of personal case study features, from Good Housekeeping to Woman and Home, The Daily Mail, The Sun, the Telegraph and more.

Top tip: The more savvy members use the enquiries to build and nurture their own contacts.


Actual press cuttings of MumsClub members in the press:

In the shops now, Paola from Dr Zigs Extraordinary Bubbles has a super feature in Prima – check out the one with James Martin on the cover, it’s called “Ladies who launch” with the headline “Bubbles have become big business” it’s a fantastic example of how media alerts can work brilliantly for your business:

Easier and cheaper than you may think

Media Alerts are a simple, accessible and low-cost method of sourcing both media contacts and journalist opportunities, and is, in our opinion, essential for any small business.

Our media alerts are aimed towards women, business, products, and a few random ones thrown in for well, you just never know.

But it’s more than that!

We don’t just provide media alerts. Premium membership will help you make the most of them – how to reply, how not to reply. What information to include and what not to include. You can build your own contact list, learn to write a press release and more.

Look at what else is included;

Members get access to a growing range of Business Boosting Toolkits; interesting tricks to getting more page likes on Facebook, video tutorials on how to design your own website, where to get free fonts, designing logos, you name it there is, or will be, a toolkit feature, or downloadable ebook for it.

And it’s all included in one monthly low-cost fee or an even cheaper annual fee.

Grab the discount code now

Joining now will give you access to everything that’s available in Premium today, plus all the additions that will be added in the future.

The price will not increase to you – joining today will lock in the 25% off rate for life – or until you cancel, whichever comes first.


1. Choose to subscribe Monthly, or Annually (for a further 3 month’s free)
2. Click to sign up, and enter the code: SPRING25

Don’t miss out any longer, come and join our other premium members and see what you’re missing out on.

Pay Monthly:

Membership details: Premium Membership pay monthly

Monthly Membership price: GBP 9.99

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Pay Annually to get 3 free months:

Membership details: Premium Membership pay annually

Annual Membership price: GBP 89.99

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Don’t take our word for it, see some of our Premium members:


























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