Name tags review

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Name tags review

Well there’s nothing like being prepared and with the summer holidays fast approaching, it’ll be back to school and its associated panic of uniform buying and shoe-gate, trainer-gate and got to have the right school bag-gate.

Even though everything may well be named, the chances are you still won’t get your lost items back in a hurry – half way through his first year in secondary school my son lost his whole PE kit, yes the whole kit which was even, at the request of school, embroidered with his inititals in gold thread (all at extra cost), and all enclosed in a bright blue, named PE bag. My hope is that it will turn up at the end of the year to save me buying it all again. I’ll keep you posted. But we still must ensure everything is suitably named as best we can, to give our kids and their lost items a fighting chance to be reunited.

When I was a kid my mum had those groansome sew in labels, and 8 years ago when my son was in primary, I used them too, but my goodness things have changed and we love the idea of these three modern options to naming our kit from Nametags4u. We put our review panel to work to test them…


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Sticky Photo SupaTags

Sticky SupaTags – £9.00 from PhotoSupaTags

Sticky labels are a lovely time effective solution to labelling shoes, bags, books and pens. They will also stick to care labels inside clothes and will succesfully survive the washing machine.  With the Sticky SuperTags, there’s a photo option where you can choose either a cartoon character or a photo, which my son absolutely loved.

It’s really designed for little ones to recognise thier own kit if they can’t yet read but even though my son is older and has mastered reading, having a photograph of himself on the name tag still created some excitement.  I was surprised by the clarity of the photograph which is superb. I went for black but you can also choose the colour of the print.

I love the idea that you can use these to label tricky items like shoes or pencil cases.  They fix on easily and are so quick to apply, I love that they are dishwasher and steriliser proof too.

I have tried them on labels of clothing and so far so good, so much easier than sewing in name tapes.  These get the big thumbs up from me and from my son!

Easyfix Clip on Labels

Pack of 50 Clip ons – £9.00 – from Easyfix clip on name labels



I found the Easy Fix clip on name tags to be really easy to use but even so, they came with instructions on how to use them. The clips are tiny little plastic pins with which you simply pierce the material that you intend to place the name tag on, and then on the other side there is a tiny little plastic cap that clips to the pin. You snap off the remaining spiky part of the plastic pin and Viola! New name tag in seconds. Impressive.

No writing, no ironing and definitely no sewing. These are great as so fast, and so convenient I wish I’d have found these a few years ago to save all the sewing that I’ve done in the past. I have found these to wash fine and I think they look good too. The printed nametags are a good quality with very clear text and ink. I had my phone number added which is great as it gives that option as this helps reunite lost items. Sometimes if it’s left at school the mums will text you to let you know that they have found your childs item. I have had lots of different tags in the past and found some to be really good and some to be terrible where the ink has washed off in the washing machine after sewing the tag in which is a nightmare and waste of time. I will be ordering some more of these in the future as great quality. I also like the look of the other items that they have especially the supertags so they come highly recommended by me as easy ,quality and time-saving name tags.

The StampaName

StampaName – £18.00 from Stampaname


I’d not heard of a stamp to name clothes before so I was really quite intruigued. You can have just your child’s name, or their name and a graphic which is particularly useful for younger children who are still learning thier name.

We went for just the name, said child is now secondary school, we have street cred to consider you know. It arrived really quickly and came in a simple little box, it’s quite the nifty little gadget instantly creating interest in my son. It’s a mechanical stamp that automatically re-inks itself after each stamp so you never have to worry about finding the ink.

Let’s have a go he said… He has a residential school trip coming up soon so as luck would have it we had quite a few new items to name, so he got to work on them! And I had a cuppa…

It’s incredibly quick and easy; you take it out the box and stamp away, that’s it!

I’ve since washed the clothes and the ink stayed on quite well, it’s a special textile ink which I’m sure in time will fade but after one wash I really couldn’t tell much difference. But the beauty of it, is that if it fades you just re-stamp it. So I keep the stamp with the iron and if one looks a little faded I just find a new empty space and stamp it. Even on dark clothes there’s always somewhere to put a stamp, on white fabric inside pockets or the washing instruction label.

It’s worked on pencil cases and bags too. Also school books – it’s just perfect. I’m really impressed, and delighted to have one. In fact I’m not sure how I managed before! And when I run out of ink, it’s only £5 for a replacement ink pad.



All the name labelling options are available singularly or in a number of cost saving combination packs for example a Stamp and 30 Easyfix Clip on labels or 50 Iron on labels for £22.

Enter code Mclub to receive a 10% discount.

Available until the end of the Summer holidays.



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