Christmas Card recycling


Christmas Card recycling

Christmas Card recycling

Every year we love to both give and receive christmas cards, but with the rise of technology there are clearly fewer cards being sent year on year. Technology is brilliant and has revolutionised our lives but a digital card just doesn’t look the same hanging off the mantelpiece does it?!

So each year, and I admit it is a challenge, I suggest/ask/encourage/browbeat/insist/threaten my little one to lovingly make our own cards. 🙂

But it’s not easy at all because with iplayer, youtube and minecraft all vying for his attention it’s hard to stay motivated to sit down and make christmas cards. However there are so many products available now that take the strain out of it – so I buy basic sets of blank cards & envelopes, along with various other card making accessories  which can be so cheap these days and then use last year’s cards cut up with crinkly scissors to use as revamped embellishments.

Recycling Christmas cards

Using offcuts and shop bought embellishments to create simple yet effective christmas cards


christmascards landscape

Using offcuts of paper, shop bought embellishments, old cards and used crackers to make new christmas cards.


Create professional looking cards using these simple tricks.

  1. Use good quality card stock, for Christmas, red and green card is awesome.
  2. Cut out festive graphics from last year’s cards you received, using sharp scissors!
  3. Buy some quality additional embellishments to add sparkle to your creations.
  4. Make your embellishments stand out with double sided foam stickers to create layers.
  5. Use plain white or coloured paper as a card insert, use a stick glue to place a long thin line to glue it into place, and write your message on here. You can also run it through the printer to make a generic “Merry Christmas” message but handwrite your personal messages.
  6. Take a graphic and cut it into 3 or more pieces, placed on the card with a small gap between creates a lovely effect.


But overall you need to enjoy doing this and try to instil the idea in your children for future generations. Try it, it’s fun!


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