Britain’s youngest “Bubble entrepreneur” makes his TV


Britain’s youngest “Bubble entrepreneur” makes his TV

Britain’s youngest “Bubble entrepreneur” makes his TV debut

Ziggy Dyboski-Bryant, aged 9, is to appear on Channel 4’s “Buy It Now” to pitch his award winning giant bubble business to the retail industry.

Ziggy appears with his mother Paola in the new show as they showcase their home grown company – Dr Zigs – to a national audience.

The fledgling business, which is making a name for itself across the UK and beyond with its high quality, environmentally and ethically conscious bubble toys, emerged from fun at bath-time!

When Ziggy was a toddler he used to get contagious giggling fits every time he saw bubbles and so his parents made bigger and bigger bubbles to make him laugh more and more. Soon the bubbles got to be so big, and such fun, that they simply had to be shared – and so Dr Zigs began at the family kitchen table in the mountains of North Wales, and Ziggy is the boss.


The show is the latest creation from the makers of Goggle Box and is billed as a modern and exciting take on BBC’s hit show Dragon’s Den.

Starring Brian Conley as the show’s compere, inventors and entrepreneurs from across the UK and beyond, get to pitch their product to an audience of 100 shoppers. If any of these shoppers like what they see, they get to turn on a green light –

“If you’re keen, make it green!”

But everything hinges on the price! Once the price is revealed, shoppers can change their mind. Paola Dyboski-Bryant says:

“What an amazing experience it’s been for us to appear on Buy it Now. The filming was brilliant, and I am so very proud of Ziggy. Such an inspiring kid and what a little superstar!”

What will happen to Dr Zigs and the mother and son duo? Will any of the shoppers like their bubbles enough? Will they get a chance to talk to the buyers?  Find out on Friday May the 4th at 5.30pm



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