Beldray cleaning hacks for Mums

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Beldray cleaning hacks for Mums

Cleaning hacks for Mums


Beldray have launched what appears to be a useful range of cleaning products and when we heard about it, we were intrigued as to how good they actually are, so set to work to get our review panel on the case.

We sent MumsClub Member Marili her choice of products from the range, here’s what she chose.



Beldray Turquoise Double Sided Spray Mop


The Beldray double sided spray mop has proven itself useful in my kitchen particularly because of its ease of use and its efficiency.

Out of the box, putting it together was really straight forward, I filled it up straight away – the cartridge can take lot of cleaning liquid meaning there’s little refilling stoppage time – and a big plus is that there’s no need for an unhygienic heavy bucket to get in the way.

The water spray that’s built into the handle is easy to use, to add water while mopping all with very little effort.

It’s bigger than I thought it would be which was great for cleaning larger areas, but it’s also lightweight.  The double sided mop features both microfibre and chenille heads, which can be switched easily to make cleaning different surfaces much easier; the chenille head is great for uneven surfaces and for scrubbing stubborn marks, whereas the microfibre fabric collects dust and dirt, as opposed to a regular mop that tends to move dust and dirt around instead. The fabrics are lovely and thick giving a more thorough and deeper clean than other mops I’ve had. It’s been a pleasure to clean the floors with this.


Beldray Turquoise Spray Window Cleaner


Cleaning windows has never been my favourite household task, it’s always just so messy and I dislike the streaks that are usually visible after I’ve finished.

So testing before the Beldray Spray Window Cleaner, I had reservations. As the name suggests, it has a spray attached to the handle, along with a built in wiper and microfibre cloth. The idea is that you don’t need a bucket and cloths and a spray cleaner, so you fill up the spray bottle, with the cleaning liquid of your choice, it holds 200ml so you won’t need to refill often. You then spray the window all over, wipe it over firmly with the wiper blade side that picks the stubborn dirt off the glass, then flip it over to the microfibre head which will collect and hold the dirt, dry the residue off, and polish. And that’s it, it’s done with no dripping or mess and the result is surprisingly sparkling.

It’s nicely lightweight, so your arms don’t feel the pressure for a while, being compact it’s great to store, and being an all in one, there’s no hassle in finding the right cloth to clean the windows, after all lets face it there’s little more annoying than cleaning window panes with a waxy cloth you’ve picked up by mistake! My only tip would be to not over fill the water container or it may leak.

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