Win a Brita Fill&Go water bottle


Win a Brita Fill&Go water bottle

We had one of these Fill&Go water bottles over the summer and it has rarely been out of my son’s hand. The result has been him needing to pee more than usual with the increased water intake but he has great skin too!!

With the new autumn term well underway, it has been revealed that parents across the UK are struggling to monitor their children’s drinking habits whilst at school. Research from BRITA shows that nearly three quarters (73%) of parents do not know how much water their children drink during the school day and 66% are not sure of the recommended daily intake of fluid.


The research, which surveyed 2,000 parents of primary school children, found that despite not knowing how much water their child should or does drink; 92% believe hydration to be important as it helps boost concentration levels during lessons. Parents do however have greater control over their children’s drinking habits during the weekends and holidays, with 63% always ensuring they provide water to drink whilst they are at home.

A third of parents across the nation (77%) said the main challenge they face is combating their child’s forgetfulness when it comes drinking the recommended amount of water, making it difficult for parents to ensure they are properly hydrated.

Nutritionist Jo Travers warns that being dehydrated at school could affect a child’s performance, ‘Children are less likely to recognise the early stages of thirst meaning that they may forget to drink water regularly.  Dehydration negatively affects their cognitive function, visual attention and motor skills.”
According to European Food Standards Agency kids should be drinking between 1 and 1.5 litres per day and water filtration experts BRITA have some fun tips to help kids see drinking water as a fun experience.
  • Challenge them – set them a goal to have drunk a certain amount whilst at school and reward them with a treat once they get home (we find chocolate works well!)
  • Bottle it – they are more likely to remember to drink if they have a full bottle of water next to them, rather than having to remember to head to a water fountain or sink
  • Stick it on – BRITA has created limited edition stickers which show them how much to drink during the day. The fun design means they’ll be the envy of their friends!

So now my son is back at school the Fill&Go is with him too. It’s tricky getting kids to drink at school, keeping them hydrated all day long when we’re not there is not an easy task but so far he’s doing well, and we’ve had a few mums ask where we got the fill&go from. The stickers are fabulous, we don’t have them yet but to make yours stand out in the class they’re a great idea and it tells the kids how much they need to drink by break time, lunchtime and home time, clever eh?

These stickers are limited edition and we have 10 packs (containing 2 x girl designs and 2 x boy designs) and Fill&Go bottles to give away so that you can monitor your children’s hydration levels.

All you have to do is enter the comp below and we’ll pick a winner next month.

Good luck!


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