Using a test site for your new website


Using a test site for your new website

This week, premium member Debbie Chambers of Cloth Nappies NI decided to switch her website to WordPress. Using the free web hosting package that comes with premium she found it really easy.

We asked her for a step by step guide for anyone else who finds themselves in the same position and needing to use a test site, and then how to switch it over.

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Here’s what Debbie told us:

As my current site was live, I didn’t want any down time, so needed a temporary test site to build the new one before switching over. To achieve this I went into the file manager of my control panel (see image far below) and created my new site in separate folder.

This is a simple job in the control panel; you simply create a new folder and name it appropriately, I called mine BLOG (but you can name it whatever you choose). This meant I would be building the temporary site here:

file manager new folder

I then installed WordPress into that folder (the directory) so that it wouldn’t interfere with my current site and then jumped straight in, installing a new themes various plugins. 

When I was happy with the site and had uploaded all products I then needed to move it from the temporary ‘blog’ folder onto the main root directory so that it would become the main site, appearing here rather than on the blog page.

I thought that this part would be hard work and confusing, but it wasn’t – if I can do it anyone can.

Step one :

The first step was outlined above – to complete building your site on the temporary folder (eg: blog) and then prepare to move it.

Step Two :

Delete the previous site from inside the “public_html” directory, LEAVING YOUR WORDPRESS DIRECTORY ie BLOG folder still in there! (You may want to make a copy just in case for future reference)

Step Three :

file managerBefore moving your WordPress folder into the public_html Directory, go into your WordPress dashboard – into settings and then into general and change the WordPress URL link and the Site Address URL shown to your main domain (removing the /blog) part.

Step Four :

Open your Blog folder (or whatever you named your temporary folder) this is in the file manager from your control panel. Highlight all the files and click on move them, you will be prompted to say which directory you want to put them in so put “public_html”.

Once all files are copied over, your main domain name (website address) will now take you direct to the website without the need to add /blog to the end of the web address.

If using File Zilla or a similar ftp program, its even easier, simply open the “blog” directory, highlight ALL the files in there associated with your WordPress site and drag them to the public_html file and drop them there..

Finally, you can delete the blog directory.

And it’s as simple as that. I hope this helps someone else to design a new site too.


You can take a look at Debbie’s handiwork here:

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