New mum creates trendy range of teething jewellery


New mum creates trendy range of teething jewellery

New mum creates trendy range of teething jewellery

Holly Williamson, Mum of two from South Africa but now living in the UK, created Trendy Mama in October 2016 when her daughter, Olivia began teething.

Holly struggled to find teething jewellery that matched her own style and desire for on-trend designs so she came up with a collection of her own and called it Trendy Mama ltd.


“As a young mum I wanted to make something that was trendy, and would match colours and style to go with what I wear.  I love art, designs and making my own items..  so I wanted to make something trendy for moms and for those whom may not be moms yet.”

Her designs come in various colour combinations and are styled not to look like a baby accessory, but instead Holly wanted them to look like a fashion accessory that anyone could wear to make an outfit pop.

“Nothing is worse than something screaming “I’m a mom!” from miles away when you just want to be fashionable. I strive to be unique in my designs and create something to suit every Trendy mama.”

Key features of Trendy Mama’s product range: 

They are trendy, silicone teething necklaces featuring soft yet firm BPA food grade silicone beads that have been strung and knotted with care on durable satin string and finished with a clasp as an added safety measure. Should your little one tug too hard, the necklace will simply pop open causing you less pain and ensuring safety at all times.

– Encourages baby to focus while nursing
– Provides visual and tactile stimulation
– Wandering hands play with the necklace instead of scratching your chest or pulling your hair
– Chew safe silicone beads help with the discomfort caused by teething
– Free from nasty chemicals BPA, PVC, phthalates, cadmium and lead
– Washes easily with soap and water. Lay flat to dry.
– Can be put in the dishwasher, freezer.

‘Trendy jewellery for mommies & teething babies. The UK’s original Trendy teething jewellery company.’





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