Mum duo create clever positive Brexit news


Mum duo create clever positive Brexit news

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A Manchester children’s company put Brexit at the centre of their plans, when they launched their subscription box for kids, ‘Our Little Globe‘ last year. The aim of the company is to inspire children to explore the cultural traditions found around the world, in the form of monthly activity boxes which are delivered every month.

Erin Rodgers and Fiona Neate, both from Manchester had decided late in 2015 that they wanted to pursue their dream of opening their own business. Both were on maternity leave and were very much aware of the impending Brexit referendum.


Whilst the women had both been friends since school, Erin had been in London working as a lobbyist in the charity sector and Fiona was enjoying a successful career in Manchester, as an estimator for a fencing company. However, they both re-connected when Erin moved back to Manchester and their maternity leaves over-lapped. It was a chance text message from Fiona, asking Erin if she would consider going into business together that the seed of entrepreneurship was planted.



“My time as a lobbyist, meant achieving positive change for people with disability and I am really proud of what I accomplished. Then I had my daughter and our needs as a family changed almost overnight. I felt strongly that if I was going to work, I wanted to set my own rules and see the results first-hand.” 

Fiona agrees, “Having children changes every aspect of your life and for us I know for us there was an element of making sure we clawed back who we were and making sure we were still achieving our dreams and aspirations. There is no shame in saying we needed more in our lives than being mothers and I am so proud of what we have achieved less than eleven months after Our Little Globe’s launch.”

Erin adds “starting your own business is daunting, starting your own business and becoming a new mum could be viewed as slightly mad, but there is a reason so many of us do it. It is because having a child makes you realise what is important and gives you a “now or never” feeling. It will also turn you into a super-hero multi-tasker who will use a game of hide and seek to take an important phone call under the bed, whilst your toddler runs around trying to find you. You will do it all and much more because you can.” 

“The timing could not have been more crucial to the very ethos of Our Little Globe,” says Fiona, 33 and now mum of two girls. “ The Brexit vote was just about to take place and when we heard about the result, we knew that although Brexit would not halt travel, a legal separation between the UK and the rest of Europe could make it harder to explore new places.”

The business duo felt that with airlines threatening to hike ticket prices as well as an altogether depressive tone from the EU surrounding Britain’s decision, that they wanted to go against the grain and create something positive. “We want to promote inclusivity and part of that was making sure that children did not feel distant from the tastes, traditions and culture found in Europe,” says Erin, a mum of one.

Instead, the duo built an adventure kit for children to explore Europe and the rest of the world that are delivered to kids each month. Their first box arrives as a mini suitcase, complete with a passport and a world map as well lots of activities to explore their first country. “Crucially Our Little Globe puts emphasis on exploring and learning about cultural traditions which we believe will help children to become global citizens.” says Erin.

Whilst both Fiona and Erin were keen to produce a product that educated children, the duo knew that the “fun factor” had to be present. “We have had to carefully sew messages of empathy and tolerance for others into our crafts, recipes, pen pal letters and other activities to make sure that children really enjoy learning – otherwise we would have been out of business pretty quickly,” laughs Neate.

Happily, it seems that it is not just parents in England who want to make sure their children are culturally-aware. The exciting start-up opened up their subscription service last month to international customers and now post out their activity boxes to mini adventurers in Canada, Malta and Denmark. “It just shows that parents across the world know the value of educating their children about humanity and what makes each of us unique.” says Fiona.

About Our Little Globe

Our Little Globe is a monthly subscription box for kids. We deliver personalised activity kits to mini adventurers to inspire them to learn about the world. Our activity kits contain craft, cooking and reading activities that are designed to be educational and fun. Our big message is #differentisbrilliant. Our Little Globe is aimed at kids aged 5-10.

Our Little Globe subscription

Monthly £12.95 | Six Month Option: £72.65 |12 Month Option: £135.35.

First package contains a bonus mini suitcase, world map and passport to equip mini adventurers with all the tools they need to explore the world around them.

Our Little Globe is currently running 15% off their 6 and 12 Month subscriptions, use code: MERRY



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