Free books to download


Free books to download

Did you know that by using a clever app you can download library books and audio books for free?

It’s been possible for some time using a service called Overdrive but in all honesty it’s not been hugely user friendly. I consider myself to be moderately tech savvy and I have to admit whenever I’ve used it I’ve scratched my head trying to remember how.

I have always persevered though because the audio books in particular are great for long journeys, the last one we had on a 4 hour-that-turned-into-an-8-hour trip to Cornwall was Chomp by Karl Hiaasen which was a fun listen. But I now quite like the idea of playing a language cd in the car too, not so sue the fam will agree on our next 8 hour journey.


So, the beginning of a new school year is upon us and armed with the new school reading list we had a look at Overdrive to see what they had, and I was delighted, yes delighted to spot the new app that has made life so much easier!

It’s called Libby and it’s more like a Kindle now. If you have a Kindle you’ll know how easy it is to click to download a book to your tablet.

You login with your local library card and PIN and then have access to that Library’s books. You won’t get 100% of the books but you do great a great deal. You can borrow up to 5 books, and as you would from your local brick-built library you can have them for 20 days before you have to release it back. But you can renew it if there’s nobody waiting. And if there’s a book you want want but its on loan, you can place a hold on it so you’ll get it when available.

It’s been great for us, both me and my secondary school pre-teen now have the app on our iPads, and I have both our library cards registered so that I can download a book on his behalf so that it appears on both of our accounts, which is handy. Plus it means you can borrow up to 10 books at a time if you wish.

And when you’ve finished with one, you can return it at any time within those 20 days, thus saving you a huge amount of space on your shelves, because if your pre-teen is anything like mine, reading books over and over again is (thankfully) a thing of the past, honestly I don’t think I could take any more readings of Biff and the gang. These days it’s a case of read it and leave it…to gather dust.

Libby is user friendly too so you’ll figure it out easily, and your kids can search and download books easily too.

We fully recommend it.

Let us know in the comments if it’s made your life easier too!




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