How to check your google page rank


How to check your google page rank

A question I am asked often is how can you check your website’s page rank so I thought I’d put some pointers together along with a tool. But remember, these days Page Rank isn’t as important as it used to be; Google use many different algorithms to determine your ranking in the search engines but I guess it gives a good indication.

If your score is 0 this means you’re not listed on Google and you need to get to work, if you’re a 3 then you’re on your way and if you’re a 6 you’re doing great. 10 seems to be reserved for the biggies; Google, of course is there along with the likes of Apple and Microsoft. I doubt there’s less PR10’s than I have fingers.

These tips are a good place to start:

What Google likes:

  • Using Keywords in your title
  • Amount of other websites that link to your site
  • Anchor text of those incoming links – makes sure they are relevant – use keywords
  • The age of the site – there’s little you can do if yours is a new site but time will help 😉

What Google doesn’t always like:

  • Duplicate content – do not copy word for word anything that is published elsewhere online.
  • Too many reciprocal links with low quality or unrelated sites
  • Actively selling links on your site
  • Duplicate meta tags on pages within your site


Do your homework and ensure you create strategy that considers the positive and negative factors for PageRank.

Consider implementing the following:

  • Write with consistent high quality and unique content;
  • So that your content can be found by the search engines, ensure you learn about and use keywords and tagging properly.
  • Don’t be afraid to have external links – but make sure they are to authoritative sites; ideally those with PageRank;
  • Avoid reciprocal links with unrelated sites
  • Do not link too frequently to sites with lower PageRank.

You can use this to check the PR of your site:

Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly:

This page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service

If you have trouble with the above, you can use this link.


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