ZFrame suitcase review

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ZFrame suitcase review

ZFrame suitcase review

This Easter our reviewer had a failed attempt at a holiday to visit the sunnier climes of Tenerife. Take a look here to see how it was almost the Easter of failure and how a trip to Cornwall saved the day! The great old English sunshine was the new destination and accomodating any season a week in Cornwall may throw, these ZFrame suitcases came in real handy, here’s how.

Boldly advertised as “very very light but seriously strong”  I was interested to put these little beauties to the test, in fact I saw it as a challenge. Light? Absolutely, I can easily hold an empty case on my single finger. They are by far the lightest suitcases I’ve ever owned, and I’ve had a fair few.


It made popping the filled cases in the back of the 4×4 far easier than before, this also covers the strong claim too – literally throwing the suitcase in resulted in no damage at all, in fact you wouldn’t know it was no longer brand new. Although a further trip in an aeroplane to the aforementioned Canaries destination will put this to the test again… watch this space.

What I particularly found useful was the flat bottom, my other wheeled cases have had handle bars-holder protruding along the inside of the bottom of the case, I’ve always found this gets in the way and have to use that space for smalls and rolled up towels to keep the packed clothing flat but frankly it has never worked. With weight on top, all clothes get crumpled up but that’s just the annoyance we live with when travelling.


The ZFrame doesn’t have those intrusive handle poles protruding, they are instead around the edge of the case – giving us all this wonderful flat space to pack in all of our clothing, and I actually managed to get so much more in but more importantly clothes were all still flat when unpacking. Marvellous.


The handle pulls out very easily – with one finger will do if you have your hands full too, and being the whole width of the the case, it makes steering easier too, you can push, pull or simply nudge in the direction you’re heading and your case will be there waiting for you – great I should think when racing to get to the front of the check in desk!

And it really only needs a little nudge to manoeuvre it around, over bumpy floors too – both grass and decking area proved no problem at all. The top handle slides back into it’s hold by simply pushing it – no awkward buttons to find and hold down, once stowed away the handle doesn’t protrude very much making it easy to squeeze into the car, or when on a plane I should think it’s unlikely to be broken off easily.



Two fabric handles make it easy to grab and man handle too – both very strong and managed to hold fast with the weight of our kit.

Unpacking at the caravan was fun; having 4 wheels you just pop it on the deck, give it a little push and it rolls for, well the length of the caravan’s hallway. We didn’t have suitcase races on the rainy days; honest.




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