Ravensburger – Munich 1000 piece puzzle review

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Ravensburger – Munich 1000 piece puzzle review

Ravensburger – Munich 1000 piece puzzle

We love a puzzle in our house but they are mostly centred around the children, so it was really nice to have something for my husband and I to do in the evening that didn’t involve the Sky box or the laptop.  As the owner of a toy shop for preschoolers it was also nice to have something I could play with legitimately!

I have always thought of Ravensburger as a quality brand (did you know they also own BRIO, another great brand?) and you could tell by the box and the thickness of the puzzle pieces that this was a good puzzle.  I started to get a little worried about the amount of sky in the picture but actually I should have more concerned about the Rat Haus building as this was going to turn out to be much more difficult.

Like I had been taught as a child, I started with the “outside pieces”.  I then started with the street scene and the cathedral roof as this seemed to be easiest.  It took a good few evenings to get it going but I persevered and it was very satisfying to see it come together.

When it came to the dreaded sky actually it was quite enjoyable to do because the sunset was actually made from beautiful colours and it was quite simple to work out roughly where the pieces were based on the graduation of sunset.  When it was all finished I left it out for a couple of days just to look at it.



All in all it was an extremely enjoyable experience and the puzzle and photo image were of excellent quality.  Doing a jigsaw puzzle might not be very rock n roll, but it was great to “unplug” and I would recommend it to stressed parents everywhere.

The Munich puzzle is available from all good toy stores, view more details at: www.ravensburger.com/uk/products/puzzles/adult-puzzles/munich-1000pc


Ravensburger “Munich” puzzle was reviewed Rachel courtesy of MumsClub Premium Membership.  Rachel is the owner of online toy shop www.rachelstoyshop.co.uk




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