Top 100 Mums in Business

The search is always on …………

Launched in 2008 the Business Mum awards have been growing each year. This initiative creates a top 100 list of mums in business, women who have shown strength, courage and determination to start and build a business, despite working from home, around the madness of family life.

It’s simple, you as a mum in business are asked to give us your top 10 fellow mums in business. We will then collate all nominations and announce the top 100, awarding them all with some super PR.


  • You are not allowed to vote for yourself – this is about recognising others who have impressed you or had a positive effect on your or your business.
  • This is a peer to peer awards, therefore only other business owners can nominate – you’ll have to give us your own business website to qualify! So please don’t suggest your mum, dad or great Aunt Gretl nominate you unless of course they are of course running businesses themselves…
  • You may nominate for multiple mums by submitting another entry, but please do not vote for the same person twice (we will be checking!)


  • When thinking about who to nominate, it’s fine to nominate your buddies, just let us know why they have impressed you enough for you to give them points.
  • Perhaps they have helped you, supported you, have you seen their social media help others? Do they go that extra mile? Or have they simply created a business that although you don’t know them persoannly, it is a business that you have watched grow, or is someone you admire.

Just let us know about them, give them your points, as every point can matter!


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