Mysteries in Time for kids Review

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Mysteries in Time for kids Review

New history subscription for kids

We jumped at the chance to send our reviewer panel this brand new subscription box service that brings history to life for 7-11 year olds!

Mysteries in Time is a concept from an ex-primary teacher who had, and still has a clear passion for history. Every month, children can look forward to receiving their own parcel, each time visiting a different time in history, starting with Ancient Egypt.

Each box is based upon two characters, Max & Katie, as they travel back in time to solve a mystery. The subscriber receives several items that Max & Katie receive in the story, which helps the kids feel part of the adventure while reading. There is also a history booklet with a quiz and word puzzles that are all linked to that month’s history topic.

The box, that is designed to look like the time machine in the story, also includes stickers, colouring-in sheets & pencils, a gift, a bookmark and a craft activity. The first box provides a large map with timeline, each month the child receives a new sticker to add to the timeline.

It looks a great concept, so we sent a box to some of our reviewers, here’s what they had to say…



We have just experienced our first ‘Mysteries in Time’ activity box. I didn’t take a peek before I gave it to my daughter (age 7) so we were both excited to see what we’d find inside; it was like opening a birthday present full of history! Packed beautifully, the goodies were all appealing to children, but also suitable for the age range they are intended for. We started by spreading everything out on the floor and  looking at the map (sturdy quality – not flimsy). We located Egypt, stuck on the timeline sticker and had a chat about what Lucie already knew about Ancient Egypt. She hasn’t studied this topic at school yet, so there was a lot to find out. Then she curled up with the book and got stuck in. She’s an avid reader, and although she’s right at the lower end of the suggested age range, had no trouble accessing the text. She loved the fact there were two characters she’d be travelling through time with and I could tell she was really enjoying it. (She needed a little help with pronouncing some of the new words). The colouring sheets were a hit, and she invited her little brother to join in. The best bit for me was listening to her explain all about what she’d learned to him. He was asking lots of questions and a mini history lesson was playing out right on front of me! I do love an ‘educational activity’!! Great for independent learning – but enhanced, no doubt, by parental assistance to talk and discuss the learning. They were busy for ages- but Lucie hasn’t even had a look at the additional info sheet. I’d definitely recommend this for knowledge thirsty children!

Next activity: crafting! I can’t wait to see her modelling clay amulet. What a brilliant idea. We’ll be eagerly looking out for the next time machine box!




My 9 year old Amy is very interested in history, if you judge it by how many times a week she watches “Horrible Histories” (too many) so we were really pleased to get the opportunity to review these history activity boxes.

The boxes come in the post decorated like a time machine, and nestled inside was a host of goodies, all themed around Ancient Egypt.  The first thing to come out was a giant map of the world with a timeline along the bottom.  A sticker for Ancient Egypt was included which was to be added on the correct part of the timeline, I assume that subsequent boxes would reuse this map with stickers for each theme.

Also included were a short adventure story, a bookmark, a quiz booklet, a hieroglyph chart to decider a puzzle, a craft bag with paints and air-drying clay, plus some colouring sheets and a canopic jar (new one on me!) to keep.

I think that all in all, these activities would occupy a child for a good few hours, I would guess Amy has spent about 3 so far, and she really enjoyed the clay activity and even had enough to make her name in clay.  This is not something she had done before, and I enjoyed helping her, reminiscing about school art classes.  The results were pretty good too.

We thought these were lovely boxes and really good for 8-10 year olds with an interest for history.  If we didn’t have dancing and violin already on the go for Amy I would definitely consider getting these for her every month, as I think you are getting a lot of activity for the money that you could space out over the month.

“Mysteries in Time” was reviewed by Amy and Rachel who runs




Mysteries in time – Ancient Egypt

We received this box in the post, immediately my youngest opened it excitedly, it was lovely to receive a box that was so interesting to capture the kids’ imagination immediately; their own time machine to colour in.

On opening the box my 10 year old exclaimed “Wow, we’ve been learning this in school” and her sister and her proceed to take everything out, I say everything there is so much in the box and all of really high quality, no flimsy paper or plastic.

In the box was: A wall map and time line, Time line to add to the map, Stickers, Bookmarks, Max and Katie’s Egyptian Adventure book, Facts booklet, A craft bag with:  Air-drying clay, paint, paint brush, stickers. Also a canopic jar, Pictures to colour, Box of colouring pencil, A hieroglyphics post card, Puzzles & quizzes.

It was great fun to see what they had learned at school was combining with them having great fun with the Mysteries in Time box, and a great interaction between sisters having a chat about hieroglyphics and the canopic jar.

As an adult watching them it, I have to admit I learnt a few things too about Ancient Egypt!!!!

I would highly recommend this to anyone one, a lot of work has gone into this box for your little ones to enjoy, and there is so much they can do, it will take them a couple of weeks to get through it all.

Both my girls said that this box would make a fantastic birthday present for friends as they would all love it.

It is very easy to pack parts of it into a bag and take with you on a trip.

My daughter took the book out with her to do some fun work in when we were out and about.

Reviewed by Hannah 10, Gemma 12 and Kate (mummy)

Mysteries-in-time-Kate 600



We were so excited to receive a Mysteries In Time box. For my 8 year old who adores History, this was a subscription box like no other.

We loved the outside presentation of the box, personalised and intriguing in appearance, we couldn’t wait to see what was inside.

The box was packed full of goodies – I thought the volume and quantity of the contents to be generous and my son particularly loved the mummy tomb which has since even featured in the school class assembly!  Small chunks of information, beautifully illustrated and littered throughout the contents of the box has meant that Dalton was not only able to gain lots of knowledge in a relatively short space of time, he also remembered it to tell us and his younger siblings about at a later point.

As mentioned, we thought the contents were generous – for example, there was enough clay for Dalton, his younger sister and brother (and even mummy!) to make an Amulet, albeit we could have done with an extra paintbrush to paint them.  Dalton diligently copied the instructions, but the rest of us went off plan slightly making our own creations.

Dalton really enjoyed the story book and had his head straight in the book as soon as I told him to choose a book for bedtime!

One full week on and we still have many activities to complete.  We are by no means done!  Dalton continues to pick up his information sheet and share snippets of facts with us on a regular basis and my younger two are desperate to further decorate their clay creations.



In summary, we were delighted with the box and the contents therein.  We felt that it had substance as well as form and it was pleasure to review.  Thank you!

Sally and Dalton (aged 8) – Dorothy and Theodore



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