The Business Mum’s Journal is the original and only printed magazine for mums in business. Established in 2008 to provide a cost effective means for small business owners to have an inprint, targeted magazine presence.

The Journal has gone from strength to strength and is now an anticipated read from our readership.

Our main distributor is Mothercare Stores; we regularly stock selected stores with a 6 month supply.


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Advertisers are invited to submit, and are always given priority over, editorial. Please see below for guidelines.

Case studies to include:

~ Reasons you set up your business
~ Brief description of the business
~ How you funded the start up
~ Challenges you faced and how you overcame them
~ Your achievements
~ What level of success you are at now
~ How your life is different because of your business – what you can now buy..
~ How you would do it differently
~ What you have learnt, and the lessons you can pass on to others.

Keep it below 500 words please – we will identify key themes through the articles and case studies we receive and develop articles so we can include as many examples as possible.

Secure your space

~ Book a Half page advert for guaranteed editorial mention.
~ Advert positioning is first come first served – so be quick.

We are also looking for:

~ Your start up to success story
(you need to show you have a successful business now, supply a 100 word overview plus  more detail 400 words)
~ 10 Great business ideas – from mums (40 words)
~ “Mums to watch” feature – let us know in 60 words why you are a business to watch
~ 6 of the best feature (we’re currently open to suggestions!) Start up products perhaps.
~ Expert related how-to guides – 500 words per guide.
~ Top 10 business opportunities for a start up on a budget. (100 words)
~ Funding a start up – where did your money come from?

Send your suggestions to – showing clearly that you have booked space. Or come and chat to us in the forums!