Interactive festival map


Interactive festival map

Interactive festival map

Festivals have become a staple item in our summer holiday activities, there’s nothing like getting out in the great outdoors, in a tent surrounded by both old and new friends and enjoying the activities that the festival organisers can throw at us, from the main stage musical events to the smaller quirky games and stalls and of course the food.

Festivals have come on so much in the past few years, we once instantly thought of Glastonbury with its mud and misery! But that’s not your only choice now, festivals are becoming more and more family friendly, with the rise of festivals, they are all trying to up their game by bringing us more fabulous activities to attract us back year after year. They are a truly great place to take all the family – from babies to grandparents – yes we regularly have three generations of our family enjoying a festival weekend.

So we were interested to find this interactive festival map from SunLife, which includes music events all over the UK, but as well as that, it also provides the over 50’s audience with specific insights on where they are able to head to, to enjoy their own festival fun this summer.

You simply click on a pin to learn more about what’s going on in that area – this is really useful for my family because a fun thing we often do is chase the sunshine; particularly useful if we’re planning somewhere last minute, we check where the sun is going to be over the weekend and find something to do there. It’s a great way to decide a weekend, plus it’s good to get the kids more involved in deciding destinations – and help them learn a little UK geography! It’s a really useful tool and we’ll be bookmarking it. Should be an app really…




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