DodoPad Academic diaries for work and school

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DodoPad Academic diaries for work and school

End of school gift idea for teacher!

The end of the school year is upon us when, as parents, historically we tend to club together to give the class teacher and class assistant high street vouchers to spend but for us this year, it’s the final days of year 6 – the end of an era, and come September it’s secondary school – a whole new school for us. Saying goodbye to primary school is really quite difficult; no more class assemblies, birthday assemblies that go on for days, rained off sports days, school fairs, christmas plays and carol concerts…how we’ll miss them.

We are big fans of DodoPad diaries here at MumsClub, so seeing their fabulous #thanksabundle competition where the winner won a end of school bundle of stationery wonderfulness as a gift for teacher was exciting. We know that year 6 has been tricky for our teachers, there’s the SAT’s for starters but then the residential PGL trip, theme park visit, cinema trip and of course the end of year production, which this year is a massive all singing and dancing production of Lion King Jnr, so it’s been full on.

So to remind teacher of our cherubs, and to help them to keep on swimming through next year’s intake, I quite like the idea of the kids writing little notes in the diary for next year, such as adding little “Hakuna Matata” quotes when the 2017 production is nearing, or perhaps a photo with an amusing anecdote from this year’s residential trip placed just before they leave with the new year 6’s… Something to make the teachers we’ve grown to love smile every so often whilst remembering the 206 year 6.

Having just received the Dodo Acad-Pad and Blank Book, I was wondering what all the fuss was about. Well I was pleasantly surprised. Brightly coloured books, large enough not to be lost in rucksacks, with plenty of space to write large enough so you can read what you have written. I have a feeling I am going to have a fight with my 14 year old son as to who is going to keep it, me or him! I can never read what he writes in his school planner as I find it’s too small, but the space in this Dodo Acad-Pad is fantastic. I would be quite happy to use as a work diary, as it’s fun, with tabs to tear out at the bottom so you know which week you are at, a folder at the back, and a pen holder with a pen which means you never should need to search around the bottom of your bag! Yes it’s a planner, but a planner you would be happy to use and show off every day. It has some funny facts inside too, perfect for teenagers. The Blank book is exactly that and just perfect for my artistic 8 year old. No bits of paper laying around the house which I daren’t throw away. He can doodle away all day and keep everything in one place. This is fun cool stationery and a great gift idea. I shall be checking out their website to see what other delights they have as I’m sure my children will too. Heather Maskill.


As a Mum of two but also Director of a business travel company – Bookings For You – it’s absolutely essential that I can organise mine and my children’s diaries! I’m not someone who has moved over to electronic diary keeping and I’m not likely to be swayed to when there is a paper diary like this available on the market. I love it! Large enough to use as a desk diary but equally small enough to carry in my handbag and take to meetings, I loved how this worked equally well for both myself and my children. My kids are looking forward to adding their new school timetables to the diary when they get them in September so we can always look to see who is doing what on which day! And my daughter has already made the most of the extra doodle pages…. she’s always asking for paper to draw on and finally I have a ready supply in this diary! I also have to confess to never having address details to hand when needed and so to finally be able to store all our friends and family addresses and contact details in one handy place is great… no need to go out and buy a separate address book now. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with children… It’s something that would actually be perfect for the children to use to keep in their schoolbags but I’m definitely not parting with it…. this one will definitely need to be shared and it’s a great diary to keep in the kitchen and for the kids to refer to in the mornings to remind them what they’re up to either that day or week… So, all in all, very impressed. This time next year, I won’t be looking anywhere but the DodoPad website for a replacement.


I’d never considered using an academic diary for work before. I work from home, and have kids at school so in hindsight it makes perfect sense. I used to hope for a diary as a Christmas present but I pretty much end up grabbing one in a supermarket after the first couple of weeks winging it through January. But the biggest diary remember time is the beginning of the school term, so I should have been prioritising it since then. The first few weeks of school are the hardest to remember – when PE kits are needed, games, cooking, swimming… By January when historically I buy my diary, I’m all set in a school routine.

So for me, August is the new January for diary buying. Why did I never do this before?! The Dodo-Acad-Pad is great because it has plenty of room to show all family member activities, plus room for notes and doodling. Genius.





Here’s how to get your hands on one too, you can see the whole range over at

You can get this bundle including the 206-2017 Academy diary with the blank note book, plus free pen and pen loop (very useful!) for just £19.99.

Enjoy your summer and good luck to all the kids and teachers in September!



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