Creating Programs For Young Rubbish Removal Ambassadors


Creating Programs For Young Rubbish Removal Ambassadors

Creating Programs For Young Rubbish Removal Ambassadors

Sometimes the best people to deliver an important social message to adults are kids! There’s something quite convincing about a young innocent child asking adults in a sweet and respectful voice to please not throw their rubbish removal in the park!

In fact, the same exact message out of the mouth of another adult would likely carry far less impact! This gives kids a great deal of power to help with rubbish removal issues like recycling, composting, littering, fly tipping, and diverting reusable items away from the landfills!

For the reasons discussed above, and to give kids a unique opportunity to have their voices heard, we would like to present the idea of creating special programmes to train young people to become “Rubbish Removal Ambassadors!”


How To Set Up Rubbish Removal Ambassador Programmes

One of the best ways to set up a Rubbish Removal Ambassador programme for kids in your area is to recruit a good partner who already has contact with kids or a non-profit already working on rubbish removal issues. This partner can be a teacher, a principal, a coach, the head of an after school programme, a community centre, or an employee or active volunteer of a charity group. Make a list of potential partners and then meet with the until you find one that “clicks.” From there, you can set up a small committee and start planning. You may want to include a couple of kids on your committee to get the kid perspective.

What To Teach the Kids

First, you’ll need to decide on what rubbish removal issues you want to tackle. You may decide to focus entirely on one aspect such as littering. On the other hand, you may want to offer training across several categories. Regardless, some of the training you offer your young Rubbish Removal Ambassadors should cover all types of rubbish removal programmes. For example, you’ll want to teach the kids to be friendly and respectful whenever they are serving as Rubbish Removal Ambassadors. Remind them of the old expression, “You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” You’ll also want to make sure they know how to stay safe during their ambassador duties.

Give the Kids Some Tools To Work With

You can work with your young Rubbish Removal Ambassadors to make poster boards and other displays that are lightweight and easy to take with them (and share) for different presentations and events. This may involve taking pictures of litter or fly tipping at a particular site for example, printing them, and placing them on the displays. You could also include media articles, charts, graphs, and written reports. Get the kids to use their imaginations to help design and create these. Developing Power Point presentations, that can be duplicated and shared, would also be a great tool to have handy for these programmes.

Rubbish Removal Ambassadors Can Start At Home

Once you’ve trained a Rubbish Removal Ambassador, they can go to work immediately by practicing what they’ve learned at home. Encourage them to help their parents, siblings, and other family members to recycle more and how to go about that. Newly trained Rubbish Removal Ambassadors can also practice their skills with friendly neighbours which will give them a confidence boost to speak out publicly and maybe even give a short talk or presentation at local meetings.

Connect the Kids With Media & Social Media

You may be surprised at how radio stations, local newspapers, and local TV stations will literally jump at the opportunity to interview a go getter child trying to do good things in their community! They know this sort of thing is captivating to their respective audiences and they will cooperate with you on this we promise! Teach your young Rubbish Removal Ambassadors how to call, email, or otherwise contact these media outlets and let them know they are interested in discussing with them their rubbish removal efforts like anti-littering campaigns, litter picking events, and backyard composting classes. You can also try to teach them how to spread the word on social media but don’t be surprised if they actually end up teaching you stuff you never knew about social media!

Rubbish Removal Ambassadors Can Give Public Talks and Presentations

Have your young Rubbish Removal Ambassadors team up with charity groups like Friends of the Earth, Rotary, Greenpeace, Wildlife Trusts, and Woodland Trust. Whenever these charities sponsor an event, see if your Rubbish Removal Ambassadors can set up a presentation! This is also a great way for kids to get over their fear of public speaking and gain even more confidence. You could also have them team up with WRAP (The Waste and Resources Action Programme) and maybe even get some funding for their rubbish removal programmes through WRAP’s Litter Innovation Fund, co-sponsored by Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and MHCLG (Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government).

Let Clearabee Know About Your Rubbish Removal Ambassador Program

Clearabee is a private on demand rubbish removal company on a mission to divert as much rubbish from landfills as possible. In other words, they are busy trying to improve the world for future generations so any activities your Rubbish Removal Ambassadors participate in is a match made in heaven to their company mission. Post information to Clearabee’s Facebook page and Twitter feed for additional “buzz!”




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