Winter is coming, the search for cozy begins

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Winter is coming, the search for cozy begins

So I’m back from viewing the new house and I’ve decided, I am definitely going to change the flooring. A few months ago I helped my mum choose carpet for her dining room when we spotted the wood effect vinyl and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Years ago if you couldn’t afford carpet you had lino, so both Mum and I had that in our head and turned our noses up at first but when you take a second look at, modern vinyl is really quite lovely.

It gives you the beautiful natural look of wood but it’s highly durable so won’t splinter or damage easily, it’s water resistant, low maintenance and easy to clean, it’s designed to help insulate sound and cold so works great with under floor heating to keep a home cozy. It’s available in various shades and styles, looks stunning when down and best of all it’s really quite cheap! Including the luxury range.

You should see the modern vinyl designs too, they are so much fun with the bright colours and patterns, from the fairly neutral tones to bright mosaics and stripes, there’s even a beautiful glossy jet black… I’m not quite brave enough for that.

For me and the new place, we need to stick with wood. It just looks stunning, and I think with my Dad being a carpenter in the building trade for, gosh, about 50 years… we’ve always been surrounded by wood, I guess I’ve been brought up to appreciate a nice wood finish. And I love these vinyl floors.

And I know from Mum’s dining room, even without the under floor heating, it’s not rock hard or cold when you walk on it so it’ll work really well with my search for cozy.

So wood vinyl flooring is what I’m going for in the new house. And I can’t wait!

To go with my search, here are my top tips for creating cozy in any home.

  1. They say the key to warmth is layering, normally referring to clothing but it’s the same with interiors, you can easily pop a throw over a settee or armchair, with cushions to create your layering. Or how about layering two types of rugs on top of each other? Go for warm check patterns for wintertime.
  2. Wall to wall curtains. Don’t always size up your windows and find curtains to cover them, think about extending the curtain rail right across the wall to create a fabulous curtain wall. You’ll see this often in old stately homes – the walls covered in fabric. It can look and really cozy.
  3. Photo walls. You can create a feeling of warmth from having a wall of photos. Choose your frames carefully; deep reds, chocolate brown, and charcoal grey are warmer than stark white and blue. It’ll give the wall a textured feel to it too – always warming to the soul.
  4. If you have an empty corner in a room, find a fabulous second hand armchair and clean it up and accessorise with cushions to compliment the rest of the room. Without creating clutter, don’t leave an empty corner bare.
  5. All things furry! In the absence of a lazy and fat cat to loll on your sofa, get some furry rugs, throws and cushions. Nothing makes cozy more than furry – it’s soooo comfy. You can have thick shaggy non-slip rug under your feet with a faux fur throw over your sofa. Ideally couple with some scatter cushions. My tip – go dark colours, especially with little people, they’re so comfy they’ll be sat on, hugs and stroked by all!
  6. Fairy lights. As a bell tent enthusiast, I *may* have just a few sets of fairy lights, they look amazing during winter time – not just Christmas. Straggle them around a bookcase with soft low level lighting and you’ll create yourself a little haven. Beautiful.
  7. Finally, if you have one, light your fire. Nothing says cozy like a roaring open fire but in the absence of the real McCoy, a range of candles will work too. Choose warm, oranges and reds to create a fire effect. Have different sizes too and place them on different heights. I’ve been making candles so I’ll post a how to guide sometime soon.


Enjoy your cozy making!





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