What to do when the kids are away


What to do when the kids are away

What to do when the kids are away

This week, I have the displeasure of a week long school trip. Years ago I thought weeks like this would be shangri-la, I’d be able to do anything I like, go anywhere, have a night out with friends and not be worried about getting back for school run, or babysitters and getting the kids ready for bath and bedtime. But it’s not like that at all, it’s more moping and looking at the clock, counting down the days, watching twitter for updates from teachers who sporadically tweet photos home.


I’m not the only one either, one mum has set up a Facebook group for us all to console each other…

But it shouldn’t be like this. My clubbing days are behind me now so I won’t be advocating a trip to the Hacienda or anything but I have come up with a list of workable activities that us parents can do until our little ones come home.

1. Blog about it

Yes, you’re reading it. If you don’t already have a blog then this is a great time to start one, who knows you could make money from it too. It’s really not that difficult, getting started with a website and hosting is the easy part, keeping a momentum with fresh regular content can be the tricky part. Focus on ways to keep traffic coming to your site which will help your site grow, this is the key.

2. Spa day!

Oh how we love pampering, get some other mums together and book a day at a spa. Get a massage, have a swim, a manicure and all this other wonderful pampering activities you don’t normally get time to do. Make time, see this week as your Me Time and make the most of it. You can get lots of deals too, just look out for those deal of the day coupon websites that offer great offers.

3. On your Bike!

What’s the weather like? Get online and find a cycle route, disused railways lines are the best, because there’s no roads to navigate and they’re generally flat terrain. You’ll find them all over the country, but have a search for cycle routes, get your bike out, a rucksack with lunch and drinks and go for it.

4. An overnight trip to a concert or the theatre.

You don’t have to go far but booking into a hotel even if it’s a half hour drive away can feel like a holiday. Go see a concert, a comedy show, or show at your local theatre, or better still a west end show. You’ll totally forget about everything that’s on your mind!

5. Place your bets!

How about this for a little fun and indulgence? This maybe something you’ve not thought of before but especially if the weather isn’t ideal for an evening walk to the pub, how about getting online and playing some big, exciting jackpot lottery games?

Over 90% of Brits partake in at least one lottery draw a week, I do! And worldwide it’s one of the most popular games in the world. Why do we do it? Because simply,  the lottery has turned ordinary people like us, into millionaires and there’s no reason why it couldn’t be any one of us next.

Lottoz is a great example of a new and exciting online lottery brand. Fully regulated to the highest standard by the UK Gaming Commission, it’s an easy to use, highly secure and innovative website that removes geographical barriers and provides people from all around the world the chance to bet on the results of the world’s most incredible and biggest jackpot lotteries. If you bet on the right numbers you will win the same prizes as you would have won should you have bought a lottery ticket in that country. And better still, you don’t have to buy a ticket and wait till Friday or Saturday, you can see what’s available that day and place your bet there and then.



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