What If Christmas puzzle


What If Christmas puzzle

What If Christmas puzzle

Christmas in our house just isn’t the same without a festive jigsaw on the go, and with our families love of puzzles, the What If range is perfect for us – not being able to cheat and all makes it a real challenge.

The illustration on the box of Christmas Day from Ravensburger shows a “perfect” family Christmas lunch, smiles all round, the perfectly placed food, granddad and granddaughter pulling a cracker, a very well behaved trio of dog, cat and toddler in his high chair and show house style christmas decorations all over.


Before opening it up and getting started, we had a family vote on what the ‘after’ picture will be. We’re well experienced at the What If range so we have an idea of what to expect; in a word mayhem, bedlam and general chaos will ensue. But specifically we’re going for the dog, he’s going to have a turkey leg in his mouth, and with a person, likely a grown up to be chasing him.

The cat will have found a place and will be quietly munching on his bounty of turkey and possibly a fish bone will appear on his plate from somewhere. The boy’s current smart blazer won’t stay smart – it’ll be splatted with some foodstuffs, and the crisp white table cloth will be covered in peas and sprouts.

Will Bing Crosby still be dreaming of a white christmas? We think that maybe he’ll be grimacing on the after shot.

Can’t wait to see!



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