Want to meet Sir Richard?

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Want to meet Sir Richard?

Sir Richard Branson is looking for undiscovered talent, let’s help him find YOU!

Virgin Media Pioneers have, launched the 2014 #pitch2rich competition, this is a superb opportunity for a new businesses to get to pitch their business ideas to Sir Richard. How cool is that?
The year before last, MumsClubber Maria Albertsen won Sir Richard’s backing at pitch2rich and has since become a Virgin Media Pioneer, her business has gone from strength to strength. Last year, there was a lack of female entrants so we would simply love some more mum owned businesses to be recognised at this year’s event.
For the entry form and a video from Sir Richard, go to the VMP website here: pitch2rich

The event is the 13th May, and is at the Branson’s home in Oxfordshire, deadline for applications is the 7th April.

Please keep in touch, let us know how you get on and we hope to see you there with us! Team MumsClub will be there in May 🙂

A little more help?

Just remember you’re not alone when it comes to these things. Self confidence can be a massive barrier to women’s success (men seem to have more in-built confidence – too much some may say…) but sometimes you just need to put on your brave hat and tell yourself you can do it! Tell yourself you’re doing it for your business, and for your family. Turn those butterflies into excitement and focus on the positive thoughts in your head; in fact put positive thoughts into your head, even though you don’t always believe them, sshhh your brain won’t know that.

So to show you that you’re not alone, you’ll find a brand new group on Facebook, we created it just yesterday so anyone wanting to apply for pitching, should join and anyone who’s already done it, you should join too and show the others they’re not alone.

Join the facebook page here: Pitching for business

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