Terraillon Web Coach Prime Fit Kit review


Terraillon Web Coach Prime Fit Kit review

Terrallion Web Coach Prime Fit Kit

You can’t help but notice the rise in people wearing fitness trackers in the bid to lead a healthier lifestyle.  There seems to be an app for everything these days.  Terraillon have come up with a clever integrated concept, which with the correct equipment, will help you to monitor most aspects of your health and record it all, via Bluetooth, on one app.

The main reason people tend to splash out their hard earned money and invest in a fitness tracker is to lose weight.  I have looked at how two of the Terrallion products, the Activit tracker and WebCoach Prime bathroom scales, interact with each other, and the app I have installed on my iPhone.


Activit Band

The Activit band is very easy to charge via USB.  It does not have a special power lead to lose; you quite simple pull part of the strap off and plug the device in to your USB socket.  Brilliant!

I had a little difficulty adding the device to the app, but this probably stems from my “how difficult can it be?” approach and not reading the comprehensive manual first.

The Activit band is incredibly simple to set up.  It picks up the date and time zone you are in automatically once connected to the app.  You can read the time, distance covered that day, steps and calories burned by scrolling through the display.  To sync the device to your phone, you simply press and hold the only button button for 10 seconds and some square icons appear, showing it is uploading.

Syncing the Activit Band to the app was somewhat hit and miss for me.  To begin with I thought it was operator error, but even sat with the manual, I occasionally had difficulty syncing them both – even when SUCCESS appeared on the device to tell me it had transferred.  Other times (mainly when I synced the scales and device at the same time), it worked seamlessly.

On the app, you can set your own step goal for each waking hour and for the day.  You can similarly keep track of your sleep, weight and blood pressure – although you manually have to tell the device when you are going to bed and waking in the morning.  You have the option of setting an alarm to wake you after the specified amount of time, which would save remembering to wake it up again.  Trophies are earned for different milestones and flash up on the app for motivation.

On the first day I wore the Activit band on my dominant wrist, which didn’t accurately track my steps.  In fact it inflated them by over 10,000 steps.  I decided to swap wrists for the following day and wear it next to my sports watch on my non-dominant wrist.  The accuracy was much more inline with the results from my sports watch, I don’t think they can ever be 100%.   It does however say in the manual to make sure the button is facing your arm rather than wrist, which looks a bit odd when wearing on your left arm, as the writing is upside down.


The battery life is very good, even under extreme circumstances, such as a 24 hour running festival!  It took a full three weeks to wear down the battery.  You cannot tell how full the battery is unless you plug it in to a socket, which is a bit of a downside. It does however seem to give plenty of warning, so I can’t see it suddenly dying and not recording those all important steps.

WebCoach Prime Scales

The WebCoach Prime scales take three AAA batteries; which probably just means walking to your battery drawer and placing them in, rather than scrolling the internet for some obscure battery type.

There are eight profiles available, which means all the family can use them to monitor their progress.  To select your profile you can use the arrow button to scroll to your profile (P1 to P8) and ‘set’ to select it.

I found I had to have my phone close by to access the full functionality.  The app seemed to need to be syncing, while I quickly pressed the unit button for a few seconds on the bottom of the scales before jumping on for them to read my stats.  I couldn’t find a way to send the information from the scales to the app after I had weighed myself, although the manual says it stores up to 10 readings.  When they are connected, you can select a profile on the app to sync the weight to – there are eight profile available.  You are able to rename each profile to make them easily recognisable.   I found the scales very easy to connect to the app.

You need the app to view your muscle, fat, bone and water composition, as the display on the scales is only for your weight.   Your weight, body composition and BMI are displayed on the progress chart on the home screen of the app.  The colourful display is carefully coded to easily make you aware if you are in a danger zone.  The manual provides information on body fat brackets, if you are unsure what is defined as ‘healthy’.

There is the option to add more Terriallon devices to the app, such as blood pressure monitors and kitchen scales; however you can record your own readings manually to keep track of them in one place.

You can also answer a short questionnaire on the app, which will then coach you in any areas identified.

All in all, I think the Terraillon Wellness Coach is a wonderful concept.   When used properly, it has the potential to help monitor your health and wellness.  It is ideally suited to people starting out on their health and wellness journey, as it will help to keep track of activity levels and body composite to achieve lifestyle goals.

Where to buy

The Terraillon Activit Band & WebCoach Prime Scales I was asked to review can be purchased from Argos as a kit called Terraillon Web Coach Prime Fit Kit for £99 (July 2017 – currently on offer for £59.99).  I honestly think even the RRP is very good value.  Activity trackers can cost this alone.


Thanks to reviewer Lisa Ruggles; a mum to Gemma (22), Zeeks (17), Jonathan (5) and step mum to Nicola (28) & Georgina (26).  She works in the family hot tub business, is a keen runner and blogger.




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