Returning to work

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Returning to work

Returning to work 

If you’ve ever had to take some time off work for reasons including maternity leave, illness, redundancy or for mental health reasons then you may have already had to go through the process involved. It can be a tough time as there can be a lot to manage both at work and home so making sure you do what you can to help ease yourself back into work is worth doing.

There’s plenty of advice surrounding getting back to work as you may have some concerns. We’ve included some tips below to help make the process a lot smoother and enjoyable.


Communicate your concerns 

If you are concerned in any way about returning to work, then it’s always best to communicate this to your manager or HR. The earlier that you address any concerns or issues you might have, the more time you’ll have to settle them before your return to work. It might be that you’re worried about your role when you return or any changes that have happened whilst you’ve been away, so it might be best to address these with your manager to talk through them. If you’re open and honest then it will help with communication and help ease you back into your workplace.

Plan ahead

Planning is always a good idea, it allows you to really think about when you want to go back and what you’ll be doing when you do return. It also allows time for your manager and you to discuss any changes or targets you might want to put into place, giving you time to plan for these. You want to make sure you plan with plenty of time as you don’t want to rush your return or leave it too late in case there are any changes you need to account for. Also it’s worth remembering that just because you’re planning ahead doesn’t mean you have to set a return date in stone, there should be flexibility around the return date depending on how you’re feeling.

Take it slow 

There may be the temptation to rush back into work and try to take on as much as you had before, but remember it’s best not to take on too much to begin with. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone and you need to make sure you don’t burn out trying to juggle it all. Some workplaces might offer a flexible return to work benefit which might be worth considering as it allows you to arrange hours that suit your commitments at home. If you can speak to your manager about organising some alternative working hours or days, then it might help when it comes to arranging child care or appointments. If returning to work full time at first is stressing you out then you can slow things down and talk to your manager, also make sure you take some time out at home to help manage the stress.

Remember your rights

Take some time before and during your maternity leave to look up your rights when it comes to maternity leave and returning to work. Things to clue yourself up on include amount of leave, returning to work, support on offer and if there’s any additional help available when it comes to childcare or benefits. Making sure you know your rights will help you when putting together your return to work plan so it’s really worth taking the time out to see what you’re entitled too.



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