Ravensburger Horsing around jigsaw review

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Ravensburger Horsing around jigsaw review

Jigsaws are very popular in our household so when we had the opportunity to review Ravensburger Horsing Around Selfies, we jumped at the chance as we also have horses, double win.

I let my daughters (10 and 12) unpack and lay out the jigsaw on our board.

They found it easy to get the outside done between them, so I let them carry on and do the puzzle themselves.

The 500 piece premium puzzle had a good quality feel to it, as you would expect from Ravensburger with its softclick technology, which meant that the pieces all fitted well and stayed in place.

It was great to have another good size picture inside to work from, especially as it meant that my two girls could have a picture to themselves.   Also included was the artists biography which is interesting to read.


It took my daughters about 5 hours in total to do the puzzle, over 5 days, they did have a little adult help from time to time when they got stuck, the creams and whites were challenging, however that wasn’t very often.

My 10 year olds verdict of the jigsaw puzzle “it was a fabulous challenge, it was hard at times but I loved it and would recommend it to other people”


My 12 years old verdict of the jigsaw puzzle “This is a must for anyone who loves horses, it is a funny jigsaw, which was fun to do, I would certain recommend it to others.


Overall family verdict “five out of five”


Thanks to reviewer Kate Saunders and family from Blackberry Cottage – Cakes with a secret ingredient





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