Pognae No.5 Baby Carrier Review

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Pognae No.5 Baby Carrier Review

Pognae No.5 Baby Carrier Review

The Pognae No.5 baby carrier is absolutely exceptional. I’ve used many slings, wraps and carriers with my children, but this is by far the best designed and most functional baby carrier I’ve come across. The box it’s packaged in is super stylish, and the carrier itself comes in a plastic drawstring bag. My Pognae is the ‘red wine’ colour, which is a lovely light red with fine dark red stripes running through it. The internal fabric is a mixture of cream, and black and grey geometric ‘scandi’ style print. With many of the carriers that I’ve used over the years, I’ve had to go through the confusing instructions on how to operate the various contraptions, this thankfully wasn’t the case with the Pognae No.5. It was so simple to use, I had it all strapped on in seconds, though of course went through the clear manual to make sure I had all the safety features correct. This carrier is amazing because it’s so versatile. You can wear baby facing you, facing outwards, on your back or simply perched on the hip seat. The hip seat was new to me, though after seeing what a difference it makes, I don’t understand why all baby carries don’t have them. The Pognae No.5 can be used with just the hip seat, as the ‘carrier’ attachments can be easily removed. You simply strap the hip seat around your hips, fasten the safety buckle and you’re good to go. It’s the perfect size for baby to sit comfortably and with the grip pad you know they’re secure. I used the hip seat with my toddler while we were out shopping, it was great to effortlessly carry her while still having a hand free. pognae-no5-review I also used the Pognae No.5 with my one year old, who wants to see the world, so I carried her facing outwards. The fact that the hip seat it there, meant that she wasn’t simply hanging/ suspended in the carrier, but that she was actually sitting, and rather comfortably by the smiles she was handing out! The great design of this baby carrier doesn’t end there. There’s also a very nifty little ‘ventilation’ window on the front of the carrier, you simply unzip the flap and securely fold it down. This reveals a light weight mesh fabric, that’s absolutely perfect for warmer days. If you’re using the carrier to carry baby facing you, the Pognae No.5 comes with 2 little hoods that attach onto the straps and body of the carrier. One hood is made from a cream mesh fabric which protects baby’s head from sunlight and UV rays, and the other comes in the stylish geometric print fabric, which is a bit thicker, so perfect for the colder days. These hoods simply clip on and off to the carrier, and perfectly fit in the little side pocket thats located on the side of the hip seat strap.

How to wear the Pognae No.5 Baby Carrier

My favourite features

One of my favourite features of the Pognae No.5 are the removable dribble pads. I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I’ve had to go through the laborious task of washing and drying big clunky baby carries just because my kids like to chew/ dribble/ mess on the carrier whilst being carried. Now with the Pognae No.5, you can simply remove the organic bamboo cotton dribble pads, which are located in the front of the carrier are on the sides of the straps next to baby’s face, and pop them in the wash. They simply unbutton on and off, so this couldn’t be easier. The fabric on the outside of the carrier, it waterproof but also very light weight and breathable. Any dirty marks simply wipe off, which is another super practical element to the Pognae No.5. A very important point to talk about is how comfortable the carrier is for not only baby, but the wearer too. I’ve always found with wraps/ slings/ carriers etc that after a few minutes of wearing them, I end up with sore shoulders or sore back, thankfully this isn’t the case with the Pognae No.5. The hip seat strap is broad and fits comfortable on your hips,  and because baby is actually sitting and not simply suspended in the carrier, all of baby’s weight isn’t hanging off your shoulders, instead you’re carrying more of the weight around your hips. If you’re using it as a front carrier, there are straps to connect and secure the main shoulder straps together across your shoulder blades, these connector straps also move up and down to suit individual builds, and become chest straps if using the Pognae No.5 as a back carrier. It’s also so easy to take on and off without assistance or having to put baby down, which is an amazing design feat! I can honestly not rave enough about the Pognae No.5. It’s hands down the best carrier I’ve ever used, and I will certainly be recommending this to all new parents. The Pognau No.5 is available now at http://www.lovetellearn.co.uk/ Review by Suzy Olivier from Mama + Belle Teething Jewellery



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