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Before you subscribe, remember there’s a free starter package with Premium Membership.

Starter Package – only £30 per year

Our starter hosting package is designed for people with just one website.

It includes unlimited email addresses, free web-builder, loads of templates and content management systems, and of course our fast and friendly service.

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Starter Hosting

Standard Package – only £50 per year

This is our mid-range package. It is ideal for those who have up to three websites, and want enough webspace and bandwidth for a high number of pages and visitors.

It includes unlimited email addresses, three databases, unlimited domain mappings and, of course, our fast and friendly support.

Standard Hosting

Advanced Package – only £70 per year

Our advanced hosting package is for power users and web designers. With 20GB webspace, 24GB monthly bandwidth and unlimited domains, this package will satisfy the most demanding internet user.

Other than webspace and bandwidth, everything else – databases, subdomains, email addresses – is unlimited. You have access to a large number of free scripts, website templates and a secure server. PHP 5, MySQL 5, Perl and all other Linux based languages are included as standard.

advanced Hosting

Please note: Hosting does not include a domain name.

Starter webhosting
per year
Ideal for people just starting out
Most suited to those who:
Have only one website;
Would benefit from a website builder, and free software;
Would like some room to expand their website;
Do not have more than about 20 pages on their website.
✓ 500 MB Web Space
✓ 2,000 MB Bandwidth
✓ Unlimited Email Addresses
✓ £300 Free Software
✓ Free and fast support
✓ Plus Much More
Standard webhosting
per year
Our mid-range hosting package
Designed for those who:
Have a large amount of content or traffic to their sites;
Want a fast and powerful hosting solution;
Have database driven websites;
Want to have room for their business to grow and expand.
✓ 1,000 MB Web Space
✓ 10,000 MB Bandwidth
✓ 3 Databases
✓ Unlimited Email Addresses
✓ £300 Free Software
✓ Free and fast support
✓ Plus Much More
Advanced webhosting
per year
For power users & designers
Ideally suited to those who:
Need a large amount of webspace and bandwidth;
Need a fast and powerful control panel;
Want to manage hosting for other (as each domain has its own login);
Want the freedom to use a variety of hosting technologies.
✓ 20,000 MB Web Space
✓ 24,000 MB Bandwidth
✓ Unlimited Email Addresses
✓ Unlimited Databases
✓ £300 Free Software
✓ Free and fast support
✓ Plus Much More



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