My journey: Victoria Casebourne


My journey: Victoria Casebourne

My journey as a mum in business: Victoria Casebourne

It has taken me a very long time to truly understand who I am. It has to be said that I am a navel gazer and love reading self-help books but even with years under my belt it has only just dawned on me that the things I have been fighting are actually my strengths. No not just strengths but true superpowers which make me who I am.

I started my business in my early 20’s and am now reaching 16 years in business. I feel so blessed that I was able to jump off the 9-5 train so early. Not only because I had to endure just a handful of years being slave to some unimaginative boss with an ego the size of England, but also that I managed to get so many years under my belt before “social” media took over.

I was in my own little creative business bubble. Working on my website and doing my thing without a care in the world. I had very little to compare myself to and in all honesty, ignorance was bliss. I was totally focused and like a dog with a bone. It didn’t occur to me that someone out there had a 7 step system I could have followed or that someone out there had done what I wanted to but in 3 weeks and could now teach me for £5000.

I feel sorry for those just starting out as the noise is immense.

Listening to all these 20 somethings telling you what you should be doing. I mean my 2 and 4 year olds have a lovely time telling me this so why do I need even more people shouting at me through my screen?

It has become impossible to find the people who can genuinely help you and are not following some launch formula and count their success by how many 6 figure months they have (regardless of whether they spent 6 figures getting them!)

Sorry I ended up going down a little ranty path there.. Apologies.

Back to my original point.

We are all different. Our true strengths are often seen as weaknesses by people who do not understand us. They make us feel like we are failing, that we don’t fit and that we aren’t enough. The thing is that the thing which is making us feel like this is often the thing which will set us apart. And what I have found is that when you truly own who you are then you feel free.

I am dyslexic and have beaten myself up for many years about it.

People gasp at the miss-spellings, missing punctuation and poor grammar which I simply can not see. It is not because I am lazy (as my teachers used to tell me) but I honestly cannot see it. My brain does something remarkable and changes what I see to what is on the paper.

I used to feel embarrassed, lazy and ashamed but now I don’t let it worry me as this gift of dyslexia is actually the thing which allows me to think the way I do. I am a very creative thinker. I can think myself out of pretty much anything. I can see things from many angles at once and can turn problems into opportunities in minutes. I love talking to people who feel stuck and then seeing their faces light up as I point out the small thing which they have missed which makes it all fall into place. Without my dyslexia, I don’t believe my brain would work in the same way. It allows me to skim over the detail and see the big picture with total clarity. I put the fact that I have never run out of a way to grow my business in 16 years down to this gift.

Then there is my other ‘gift’ of being a multi-passionate business owner. I get distracted with a new idea every day and I am ‘lucky’ that I can go down various paths at a whim. I have to say this is not profitable, nor sensible BUT this gift of being able to see all of these different opportunities anywhere, combined with my creative thinking has allowed me to pull together some of the most random of ideas into one cohesive plan. Seeing how things link together which on the outside look like they are poles apart. I believe this is an immense talent that only someone with my mixture of ‘gifts’ could achieve. I was born like it. I can see things others can’t and for that, I need to pay the price of not being able to spell and getting a tad distracted at the various opportunities which pop into my head every day.

So if even a small part you feels you don’t fit, that you are missing something or that you wish you could change something about yourself (as I did for many years) then promise me one thing…

Look deeply at what is happening and see if these ‘failings’ actually are creating the gifts which you own. We are all unique. We all have our own special place in this complex world. Stop trying to crow-bar yourself into someone else’s box just to fit in. Commit to understanding who you are and owning it.  The world needs you in all your glory as you have something special inside of you. Stop fighting and let it shine. It is ok to not be the same as everyone else as it is those who dared to step out of the shadows that went on to change the world.


With love

Victoria and



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