Mum’s Innovative Christmas Campaign to Support Local Business!

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Mum’s Innovative Christmas Campaign to Support Local Business!

North London Mum, voted as one of the  #mcTop100 Business Mums of 2012, in the MumsClub Awards has come up with a great new campaign to help change people’s shopping habits in the run-up to Christmas, with SHOCK Cash Mob events.

Karen Mercer, a Mum to two young boys, who runs My Coffee Stop, an award-winning, independent Coffee and Health Food Shop, on Platform 1, Enfield Chase Station, with her partner Gunter Hollenstein, tells us, ‘Being voted onto the list of The Top 100 Business Mums 2012 and then becoming an Ambassador for the MumsClub really made me think about how I wanted to share our business success with our community. I wanted to do something that would help small, local and independent businesses and I wanted to encourage shoppers to think of those businesses first, when they do their Christmas Shopping.

I want to change people’s shopping habits, I want to boost the morale of local traders and boost the local economy and to remind everyone how lucky we are to have a thriving, independent business community. I knew drastic action had to be taken, so I came up with the concept of the SHOCK Cash Mob, an idea developed from the cash mobs that have been taking place in America.’

In a SHOCK Cash Mob, 10 people pledge to meet up and spend £10 each, in one local and independent food store all at the same time. The shop keeper doesn’t know that they are going to be mobbed and the shoppers are only told where they are going, just before the action takes place.

These SHOCK Cash Mobs have really captured people’s imaginations and have received lots of press coverage, online, in print, on the radio and also on TV. In fact it was after Karen posted a clip of the interview she did on BBC News, onto the Top 100 MumsClub Winners Facebook Group, that other Mums across the UK felt motivated to start their own SHOCK Cash mobs.

Karen says, ‘I am so happy that other Mums feel so inspired by SHOCK Cash Mobs and the positive effect they can have on their community! I passionately believe that people get the high streets that they deserve. In fact if you make a conscious decision to support your small local businesses, it’s more likely you’re supporting a business that actually pays its taxes and therefore contributes more effectively to the economy. So, that business, in effect is a caring business and us Mums love to care and nurture, this extends to our community. I feel as Mums, we have a real collective interest in contributing positively to our community, it’s the community that our children are growing up in and we want it to be good for them!’

In Enfield, 8 independent businesses have already been SHOCK Cash Mobbed, in less than 2 months. The Village Wholefood Store, in Forty Hill, Ma Battley’s Sweet Emporium and Tea Rooms, in Enfield Town, Holtwhites Bakery, in Chase Side, Freckles and Cakes, in Enfield Town Market on Fridays, Cosy Cove a pop-up project by V-inspired and the Retail Trust, then we went wild and SHOCK Cash Mobbed 3 places simultaneously in the Winchmore Hill area, Papylon, The Larder and Fairies of London.

People are informed about when the next events are, through Facebook and Twitter, so the campaign actually harnesses the power of the internet to promote these businesses and to encourage them to actively use Social Media tools themselves and hopefully feel inspired to create their own events!

I’m absolutely delighted to see such an incredible use of social networking. The power of the internet is immense so seeing a group of locals getting together to support their local businesses is incredible. Other mums in the MumsClub network have really started to get behind this campaign and I hope you can too, people should be shock cash-mobbing in every town in the UK. So if you want some tips, check out Karen’s website, she’s put together a handy guide, and let me know how you get on!:

How to Create your own SHOCK Cash Mob, in Ten Easy Steps:

You can connect with Karen in our facebook page too

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