Mr Lee’s Noodles review

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Mr Lee’s Noodles review

Mr Lee’s Noodles review

Lunchtime this week as been a bit different here at MumsClub HQ. We’ve been sampling noodle cups of gourmet Chinese food from Mr Lee’s Noodles. There was a mix of trepidation and excitement from our team, some are life long fans of the far from healthy pot noodles of years gone by so wondered about their taste, and after sampling other similar noodles earlier this year, the other half were excited to try new ones.

We had a mix of middle aged mums, dads, a 20 year old and some pre-teen kids, everyone had different dishes, this review is the overall result. Dishes we tried, in order of mild to hot!

  • Tai Chi Chicken – Mild – no chilli rating
  • Shaolin Mok Vegetables – Mild – no chilli rating
  • Hong Kong Street Beef MILD – 1 chilli rating
  • Penang Chicken Curry Laksa – MEDIUM – 2 chilli’s
  • Warrior Fighting Shrimp – HOT – 3 chilli’s
  • Dragon Fire Mushroom – HOT – 3 chilli’s


The texture of all the dishes was very similar, all with the soft rice noodles as the base ingredient along with varying freeze dried meats and vegetables. The mild dishes were as suggested by the rating, were subtly tasted. Tai Chi Chicken was the favourite with the younger ones; this age group of tasters tended to prefer the milder options, in fact coupled with the fabulous chop sticks they were actually a huge hit. The chop sticks have been well used in all meals since, as well as being tested for everyday uses too… kids!

Being pre-teens we let the kids (under supervision) make it themselves which they enjoyed doing. However as one found out the hard way, you lose flavour if you put too much water in, then tip some out. Great tip there, you’re welcome. Kids!

Moving up through the ‘chilli’ ratings, the middle of the road Hong Kong Street Beef and Penang Chicken Curry were clearly tastier and were preferred by the older kids and the mums!

The hotter 3 chilli ratings were knock-your-socks-off hot! At first our adventurous tasters thought ‘oh that’s hot’, followed by ‘oh I like this’ followed by ‘oh no, I can’t feel my mouth!’ Which makes it an excellent spectator sport, but for choosing a dish – the 3 chillies are most certainly not for the weak! Top Tip – a yoghurt as dessert will help.


Our reviewer trying the very hot, 3 chilli rated Warrior fighting Shrimp said that even though it was very hot, the taste of shrimp still came though which was a pleasant surprise. He’s surprise he could taste anything!

Apparently freeze drying rather than dehydrating food, preserves its flavour more, after the shrimp especially we have to agree with this. They are also gluten free, have no additives or preservatives  and the packaging is 100% recyclable. Love this.

They are a great staple kitchen cupboard resident. Perfect for grabbing a quick lunch for both kids and grown ups. It’s easy to do, smells delicious, it’s nice to hold when it’s cold, they are more filling than we expected as less of us were reaching for the digestives after lunch, the packaging is fun and you can get the very cool chopsticks too.


We love that they are a healthy option of noodles in a cup, with less than 250 calories per cup, what’s not to love about that? Follow it up with some fruit and a yoghurt and you’ve had a great quick, easy and good for you lunch.

We all agreed that we would like to try other varieties – perhaps rice dishes, or the thicker style of noodles. The sauce, although tasty is watery, comments were made that a thicker sauce would be nice to have too. A debate ensued regarding this, and whether this would reduce the healthy aspect and questioned whether it would be a wrong move towards the old style pot noodle… the debate was not settled! aka ongoing…

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