Mothers Day Gift Guide 2018

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Mothers Day Gift Guide 2018

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

How is it almost Mothers Day? Wasn’t it just Christmas? Alas the year is already sneaking past us and we know that after Valentines Day everyone SHOULD be thinking about Mothers Day. That doesn’t necessarily mean a biological Mum or even a step mum but someone that has stepped up and been there for you and your family. Trying to find the “perfect” gift is always a quest that can challenge the most seasoned of shoppers but being a busy mum means that time is never on your side, so the MumsClub team have been trying out some of the best gift ideas, so you don’t have to worry.


The Chapel candles

£65.00 from

Hard working mums can have to contend with more stress points in life than most and finding time for themselves can be difficult.

The Chapel Hairdressing founder Amanda Dicker’s believes in rewriting the rules, overcoming challenges, and, ultimately, a belief in encouraging us to pause, if only for the briefest moment. This motivated the development of The Chapel Hairdressing lifestyle range and they created a calming fragrance collection aimed at encouraging small moments of pause in a busy day.

The candles in this range are exquisite scents and there is no doubt that they are a premium product, something to use to indulge yourself and to allow you to take some time for yourself. The range consists of sublimely scented candles, soothing hand creams and pulse point perfumes. Perfect indulgence gifts for the mum that needs to be spoiled.


Salter Health Grill

£24.99 from or

As mums we are always looking for the healthy choices for our families and this fantastic Salter grill may therefore be the perfect gift. Featuring revolutionary marble ceramic technology, a unique non-stick surface designed for optimum cooking performance.  This versatile grill can be used to evenly cook burgers, toasted sandwiches and even larger items such as fish, meat and vegetables. Using 750 W power with an oil channel and drip tray, any excess fat is easily drained from the food while it cooks for a healthier meal full of flavour. We tried a couple of steaks on it and were not prepared for the amount of excess fat and juices that would run off, so always best to keep an eye on it and not wander off while it is cooking. (it is always the most sensible idea to stay with your food while it is cooking – we smacked our reviewers hands for this!). The grill is a great for helping the family make healthy cooking choices, it is affordable and not too bulky too, so won’t take up too much valuable cupboard space! It’s a winner with us.

G&T Cocktail set

£30 from

Despite being caused Mothers Ruin for many years, Gin and Tonic is very on trend at the moment and this is a quirky unusual gift for a gin fan this Mothers Day. The fabulously sophisticated design uses high quality rainbow tinted borosilicate glass with shining gold pattern to really wow guests. The 800ml teapot comes with a filter basket so you can easily keep all the nasty bits out of your teacups. Perfect for mixing up and serving a cocktail in style. If Gin isn’t your cup of tea, it’s perfect for other cocktails and can be used for hot drinks as a regular teapot. It is a win win for us!

Myrtle & Maude Mum-to-be Pregnancy set

£23.00 (plus 15% discount available) from Burble Baby

Burble Baby have some gorgeous gifts and we particularly adore this one for a Mum-To-Be. We love that Myrtle & Maude was founded in the UK and the business was born out of a desire to fulfil the needs of mums-to-be on those queasy days. There is nothing worse than the initial feelings of morning sickness when a mum to be just wants to be excited about their new pregnancy. The recipes from Myrtle & Maude have helped mums-to-be for over three generations, using values handed down from their grandmothers. Organic natural ingredients are at the heart of everything they do. The Myrtle & Maude Mum To Be Pregnancy Gift Pack consists of 3 natural organic remedies to help ease the symptoms of morning sickness. Why not give the gift of natural remedies to a Mum to Be this Mothers Day, what better gift than that? And don’t forget there’s a 15% discount if you sign up to the Burble Baby newsletter, so don’t miss out on savings too.

Natural Line Swiss Cosmetics

From £5.99 from all good stockists

New to the UK in 2018, all Naturaline Swiss Cosmetics products are vegan, are not tested on animals and bear the ECOCERT® Natural Cosmetics Quality Label allowing you to invest in a skincare regimen with a conscience. So if you have an earthy godmother or a eco friendly mum, then this is the perfect range of products for them. It starts at a very affordable £5.99 through to £13.49, so perfect on the purse strings too.

Any Sharp Knife Sharpener

From £9.00 from

It might not be the most glamorous gift on our gift guide but it is perfectly on point! For diamond precision every time, the AnySharp Pro knife sharpener restores the bluntest of knifes back to their full working ability. So, whether your slicing meat or dicing vegetables, this handy accessory will look the part in any kitchen. The unique patented AnySharp Knife Sharpener uses tungsten carbide technology to extend the life of almost any knife making it unlike any knife sharpener, sharpening steel or sharpening stone she’s ever used. Anyone who enjoys creating culinary delights in the kitchen will be delighted with this gift!

Jenny Wren chocolate box

From £8.49 from

We don’t usually include the stereotypical box of chocolates in our gift guides but this is no ordinary box of chocolates. For less than £10 you get a quirky three tier fold out gift box that includes 12 milk, dark and white chocolates and once all the chocolate is eaten, the box can be used as a cute little storage (the children particularly liked the box as much as the chocolates). We tried the original box but not everyone likes a selection, so it is handy to know that Jenny Wren offer an all milk or all dark chocolate box too! The boxes are available in stores of Sainsburys but if you are a fan of online shopping, then Amazon is the place to go! All for less than £10!


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