Free Member Zone

Free Member Zone

Wondering what you get from Free membership?

First, a little about us

Back in 2007, a newly single mum was wondering how to earn money with a tiny baby in tow. She eventually found inspiration to create an online network for like minded women – mum’s who like her were also working from home. At that time there was practically nothing to help a mum start a business. Plenty of business start up help but nothing that specifically acknowledged the additional pressures a working mum has, let alone providing support.
With very little business experience and no budget to speak of, the first thing she did was learn web design. A free course at a local college provided the basic skills and she learnt as she went for the rest. This led to the creation of the original MumsClub forums – membership of which increased incredibly in a short amount of time, and with this success the website grew – adding articles and how to guides.
Jumping forward to 2016, a whole new membership website has been developed. Long gone are the original forums but they are replaced with brand new network ready to be used. We have tiers of membership levels, each providing something new, mostly for free but some for a small fee.

Free membership continues to bring value to those business owners just starting out and with no budget who just like our founder, need that something extra.

MumsClub in 2016 and beyond

From right here you have access to a vault of business information and advice, and the forums where you can network with other work from home mums.

Upgrading your membership opens up even more benefits including web hosting, media alerts, review opportunities, and a collection of toolkits to help all aspects of running your business.

Joining for free

Once logged in, you will automatically be able to see previously hidden content, including a welcome page with quick links to go straight to what you’re looking for. We’ll also take requests – any help you feel you need, just let us know and we’ll source it for you.

We look forward to welcoming you to MumsClub and wish you every business success!




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