Meet the sisters behind Love Coco Brown

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Meet the sisters behind Love Coco Brown

In October 2012 two sisters, Emma and Niki, launched Love Coco Brown, supplying a timeless, luxurious poncho made from cashmere and silk. They developed a range of colours, ensuring each garment is beautifully gift wrapped, and presented to the customer with a choice of tag to write a personalised message, making it a treasured gift to a loved one.

We posed a few questions to the sisters…

Why did you start Love Coco Brown?
We started LoveCocoBrown as initially we wanted a further product to run along side my sisters successful boot company, however after a little thought we decided this product had legs of it’s own so created our sister company LoveCocoBrown knowing that we could cross represent across each brand. The poncho concept came about whilst my sister and I chatted over a glass of wine or two! We wanted to create a garment which was timeless, luxurious, versatile yet stylish  and would appeal to broad spectrum of people which is how our alpaca poncho and cashmere poncho came into being.

Who are the products aimed at?
From pregnancy to stylish mummy, they appeal to a broad range of age groups. They are a practical, stylish, luxurious soloution

What was the hardest part of setting it up? Problems you encountered along the way?
Trying to get any form of funding from the banks, so we went for it alone in the end with thanks to a loan from our mum (!!!). The website was tricky as we wanted to set a certain image and to create a particular feel which at first was difficult to convey to the web designer, I think we drove her mad!

How were these overcome?
With determination, planning and a little bit of trial and error.

What do you love about running LCB?
Getting gorgeous products that we believe in out to our customers.

What are the benefits of being sisters in business?
Support, trust, like minded, and we both find it very motivating.

Emma, how do you juggle being a working mum?
Connnie is 17months. I manage to juggle with the help of a good support network; great childminder and a very obliging Nana!

What are you top 5 tips of setting up an online business?
Research, good website, good photography, good PR and CASHFLOW!

Where would you like to see the business in 5 years time?
LoveCocoBrown to be a recognised brand synonumous with luxury and quality.

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